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When you think of online advertisements, what comes to mind? Pop up ads? Pre-roll ads that run before your YouTube video? Maybe a huge banner ad that runs across your favorite website? These are the typical, easy, go-to ads many companies are leaning toward. But according to James Avery, the CEO of Adzerk, there’s a better way — one that will lead to more return on investment and will be important in a third-party, cookie-less world. He explains it all on this episode of Marketing Trends.

3 Takeaways:

– Marketing to developers and engineers is all about authenticity

– APIs and first-party advertising provide the opportunity to generate more ROI than traditional banner-ad marketing

– The removal of third-party cookies will create a higher premium on first-party publisher data

Key Quotes:

“I think engineers just see through any kind of marketing speak. They don’t want to talk to your salesperson, they want to get quickly to answers. And so one of the things we’ve found is that it’s not that they’re immune to marketing, it’s that they really want authentic marketing.”

“By packaging up these APIs, we enable our customers to go and build platforms that are on the level of a Facebook or a Google but built specifically for their platform.”

“We like to say we’re helping – we’re helping people build their own walled gardens. But really, it’s their own ad platforms that are going to deliver a lot more value than your classic banner ads.” 

“Sometimes the payoff comes from doing something that’s harder…. I think the extra work of understanding what unique platforms are out there in your given vertical or in your given industry can really pay off but it will take a little bit more work than buying across an open exchange.”

“With Chrome phasing out third-party cookies, we’re really entering into a world where the ability to link to third-party data sets is going to get a lot harder. It’s going to put the focus back on the first-party data that these publishers have.” 

“How do we start to value publisher first-party data again? I’m a New York Times subscriber. I’ve logged into the New York Times. They know where I live, they know general data about me, they’ve sent me some survey to ask me how much I make a year and what my technology is and my title. But today that information, other than being used for direct sales, is not really used that much from the digital marketing side of things. That’s going to return. It’s going to change how people are buying and we think these first-party platforms are the way that will enable that….We hope to enable the use of this first-party data that users have willingly given. And it can be shared in a truly anonymous way. So I think that’s the future of online advertising.”

“We think that what makes podcast advertising special is that it’s bespoke. It’s a host reading content that was written for that podcast, written for those listeners.”  

Adzerk Bio:

James Avery is the founder of Adzerk and serves as its CEO. He was the co-founder of TekPub, which helped developers learn from high-quality screencasts. He has been writing code and starting companies for the past 20 years, while also writing books for O’Reilly, Wrox, and Microsoft Press. Additionally, he serves as an advisor to startups including Blockthrough, Lazarus, and more through TechStars MetLife Accelerator.

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