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Dan Greenberg said it best,  “A lot of advertising is pretty negative — it’s not very human-centric. Everything we’ve done at Sharethrough is about trying to build a human-centric, really positive advertising ecosystem.” Dan is the CEO and Founder of Sharethrough, a digital advertising company with an eye on making ads less invasive. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Dan discusses the importance of ads seamlessly working with the end-user and why native advertising is quickly becoming the only form of advertising.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sharethrough advertising is a performance supply source that helps companies benchmark success through native advertising
  • The more connected devices are to consumers’ daily lives, the less intrusive the advertising needs to be
  • As mediums progress, native advertising is becoming the only viable advertising option

Key Quotes:

“Native advertising means the ads can fit in as opposed to sitting in the corners or as opposed to being foreign objects on a page. Native in that they fit into the experience.”

“We’re trying to do advertising for good. A lot of advertising on the internet is pretty negative, and definitely not very human-centric. Everything we’ve done at Sharethrough is trying to build a human-centric, really positive advertising ecosystem.”

“Sharethrough is an ad exchange designed not just for spreadsheets, and not just for pipes being connected, but an ad exchange designed for humans and designed so that every ad that comes through our pipe, every ad that comes from a DSP to our exchange, we enhance, and we enhance it so it’s designed for comprehension.”

“[You think] it’s just the headline, how could it be that important? But if you think about your usage of the internet these days for what it’s worth, it’s mostly skimming headlines.”

“As a marketer, instead of trying to change someone’s behavior to do something different, to me, it’s always critical that you fit into somebody’s  existing path.”

“The more integrated Alexa is to your living room, the more the ads need to also be integrated.”

“I think the open web is in a teenage stage right now. The open web has created the native ad format and adopted it. In some ways, the native ad format is like the character that this teen wants to be when it grows up.”

“Advertising done well really can provide value to people and really helps the economy thrive.”

“You need to be human and direct if the goal is to get someone to comprehend the message.”

“Any headline and any ad that was updated to have empathy inside of it, or to be designed with empathy, performed a hundred percent better than the prior ad that was not really designed for empathy.”


Dan Greenberg is the founder and CEO of Sharethrough, a 150+ person San Francisco-based software company that powers in-feed, native ads for premium publishers like Time Inc, Hearst, People, and brand marketers like Pepsi and P&G. Greenberg also acts as the co-chair of the IAB Native Advertising Committee.

Dan comes from a research background at Stanford in persuasive technology, and regularly teaches classes in brand content, modern monetization, and viral engineering.

Dan was recently named to the Inc “35 Under 35” list, the Forbes “30 Under 30″ list and has been honored as an AdAge Media Maven.

He organizes and hosts the Sharethrough Native Ad Summits and is a regular speaker at advertising and technology conferences, and contributes to industry publications including Forbes, AdAge, and TechCrunch.

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