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A field marketer’s job is right in the title — they go into the field and really connect one-on-one with customers to understand them and their needs. But what happens when that one-on-one contact is cut off? On this episode of Marketing Trends, Monica Bowie, who currently serves as a marketing manager at Salesforce, discusses how field events shifted into the virtual world. Plus, she dives into what it means to be the Global President of BOLDforce, Salesforce’s black employee resource group and she discusses the importance of diversity.

Key Takeaways:

  • More ability to react: In the move toward virtual events, marketers and salespeople have more ability to respond and adapt to needs in real time than they would if they were prepping for an in-person event which you have to plan out much further in advance.
  • Take the time to listen: If you want to achieve true equality in the workplace, you need to take the time to truly listen to all of the different diverse groups within your organization, understand their needs, and then actually address them.
  • Focusing on the customer journey: With ABM especially, you have to recognize that the customer is on a continuous journey, and you can’t disengage at any point.
  • Key Quotes:

“Marketing found me very early on in my career and it taught me the power of storytelling. It taught me the power of uncovering the needs of our customers.”

“We’re shifting our budget to ways to curate content and do things that we need to do to get closer to our customers. We’re personalizing our campaigns more, we’re working on more shared values and experiences.”

“We don’t have to wait for an event anymore — we can respond quicker to the sales needs.”

“We’re all in a digital world. We get to see our customers through different channels a lot more, so I might be able to prep [in real time] for a virtual event because I saw one of my customers push out content on social media last week that I can then incorporate into our virtual experience. So I would say we’re able to pivot quicker and we’re able to meet needs better.”

“[With BOLDForce] we create a culture of inclusion and belonging by engaging with our allies… and then we empower our employees, which I believe helps increase their productivity because they feel valued when they feel seen and heard, and they’re engaged.”

“An actionable ally is somebody that’s super intentional on making change.”

“When you invite people of color to the table, make sure you give them a platform. Let them use their voice, ask them to write, ask them their ideas, because that creativity, especially in the world of marketing, gives you so many more advantages.”

“Find a way to really make an impact. Find something to impact. You might not be able to do all the things, but the larger your platform and the more influence you have, the greater accountability you should have.”

“Some of our top priorities as marketers are to be innovative, grow engagement, and engage our customers in real time. Those are some of our top priorities and they are also some of our top challenges.”

“Marketers have to be consumers of data — almost obsessed with data.”


Monica Bowie is responsible for defining, managing and executing account specific marketing programs. Using a strategic and personalized approach her team develops an individualized customer journey to help drive engagement with their most strategic customers and executive teams. Monica closely engages with and collaborates with sales, customer success, product marketing, partners, and other stakeholders in the Salesforce ecosystem to align programs with the overall account and corporate strategy.

Monica is also the Global leader for BOLDforce (Twitter), Salesforce’s initiative to expand and inspire the black community within Salesforce.

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