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This episode of marketing trends features an interview with Ada Chen Rekhi, founder and COO of Notejoy (Twitter: @AdaChen). Ada was also the founder of Connected HQ, and has held marketing positions with LinkedIn, SurveyMonkey, Mochi Media, and Microsoft.

On this episode, Ada joins Ian and Lauren to discuss how to structure and hire for an effective marketing organizations.

About Ada's Startups, Notejoy and Connected HQ - (1:40)

The Anatomy of a Marketing Organization - (5:23)
- Ada's system for classifying and organizing marketing teams gives leaders a vocabulary to talk about marketing organizations and what their needs are.
- The project arose from her desire to help non-marketers understand how to think about their marketing organization.

First Principles for Making Hiring Decisions - (7:50)
- Focus on business outcomes rather than tasks and activities.
- How to map the outcomes against activities.
- First qualification is experience, second qualification is curiosity.

How to Get Past Assumptions About What Consumers Want. - (12:50)
- Why your marketing needs to be tailored to your company and customer base, rather than copied from companies you admire.

Questions to Ask When Interviewing Marketers - (20:50)
- Competency-based questions, situational questions, and case studies.
- Why you shouldn’t always give a time-restricted interview question or case.
- Why finding people who are great at content and social media is the most difficult role to fill.
- Why great product marketers are also difficult to find.

Lightning Round
- Favorite app, favorite book,favorite podcast, the future of marketing.

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