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When your business is travel and the world suddenly comes to a standstill, your life and your business changes in an instant. That’s the situation Meagen Eisenberg found herself in recently. Meagen is the CMO of TripActions, and when everything in the world started to shift, she was thrust into a new kind of action to find ways to address the situation and serve their customers and employees in the best ways possible. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Meagen opens up about what this process has been like for her and TripActions, and she walks us through the actions they had to take to switch gears and navigate through some of the hardest times we’ve seen in recent memory.

Key Takeaways:

– You need to remain close to your customer and find ways to deliver value so that you can secure renewals in the future.

– Educational content is important in this time, especially when you give your customers a forum to connect and learn.

– Cash flow is something that has to be a priority, especially in times of crisis.

Key Quotes:

“First of all, take care of your customers, make sure they’re safe and they have what they need. Number two, make sure you have product-market fit that you’re delivering a product to the new world. Number three, cost preservation. Every CFO and every CEO was sitting down and looking at the new reality, and you have to have cash… And then fourth is your people. Making sure you take care of your employees and your team because they’re experiencing this horrible thing [and] t’s impacting their lives.”

“There’s a Latin proverb that says, ‘If there’s no wind, what do you do? You row.‘ So we had to row. We had to row with our product, we had to row with our messaging and we had to row with our sales enablement and with everything we had.”

“There’s a spectrum of fear and love and where you fall on it. And I don’t really like the fear side of it, but I would call it tough love where it’s about what do you do to motivate your team that might be in shock, that might be debilitated by what’s going on, knowing that you’ve got a row. You need your team to row and you have to be very specific on what are your objectives, what are they focused on, what do they need to deliver, who’s on what and then checking in with them.”

“You need to make yourself critical. You better make sure you connect with your customer, that you’re delivering value, and if not that, your product is pivoting to deliver the value that they need in this new world.”

Meagen Eisenberg is the CMO of TripActions, the leading cloud-based corporate travel and expense management platform. Prior to TripActions, she spent more than 20 years in high-tech and previously served as CMO of MongoDB (NASDAQ: MDB) and VP of Demand Generation at DocuSign (NASDAQ: DOCU). Meagen was named among the Top 50 most retweeted by AdWeek and the Top 25 B2B marketing influencers. She serves on the boards of G2 and Reactful, and has advised more than 25 tech companies, including seven which were acquired over the last two years.

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