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With the number of technologies and disciplines involved in marketing, it is easier than ever for marketing professionals to specialize. But for a marketer to become a leader, they need to widen their scope and understand how to interface with every aspect of marketing, according to Alecha Stackle (LinkedIn l Twitter). Alecha is the SVP & CMO of RealPage and has more than two decades of marketing experience with companies like Thompson Reuters and Dell.

On this episode, Alecha talks about how to become a complete marketer, how to identify content that works, and how to engineer a more effective customer journey.

3 Key Takeaways:

– Marketers need to find a way to get a wide exposure to different functions, departments, technologies, and experiences in order to become effective marketing leaders.

– Market forces have made it more important than ever to create a complete and thoughtful customer journey.

– New CMOs can’t do everything on their agenda. They should be careful about what they promise and focus on those things that will have the largest impact.

Key Quotes

“Older pieces of content can work really well for you because you’ve optimized and you’ve figured out who to target, when they want to see it, and all those kinds of things.”

“Don’t create new for the sake of new, make sure there’s a compelling reason for it and really test it against what else you have out there. We get tired of our stuff way before everybody else does. If it’s still performing, why are you changing it?”

“You start to align your toolsets, your technology, and your account plans when you organize the company around the customer. ”

“You just can’t do it all. You’re going to find a lot of things that you realize that you could go add value in. Pick one thing, make sure it’s a big thing, and get people rallied behind it.”


Alecha Stackle is the SVP and CMO of RealPage. Previous to that, Alecha was the CMO of the Corporate Division of Thompson Reuters. Her journey started with a storied career as a tennis player with the University of Texas Austin before delving into the world of marketing. Alecha has over 26 years of experience in strategic planning, marketing innovation and execution, global product and services launches, marketing operations and brand building.




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