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The right analyst report can make a product marketer’s career. So how can a marketer make sure that analyst relations is something that works in their favor? To find out, we brought in Andrew Lochart (LinkedIn l Twitter) Senior Director of Product Marketing at Unisys. Andrew has helped numerous organizations grow exponentially with his product marketing and analyst relations know-how.

In two years with Unisys, he has led eight major product launches and developed 12 major campaigns, driving $1.5B in pipeline. On this episode, he shares some of his keys for taking analyst relations to the next level.

3 Key Takeaways:

– Transparency within marketing is the key to success. Know what you’re good at, what you’re bad at, and be honest about it.

– Hitting the upper-right corner of the “magic quadrant” should be a symptom of success, not your primary aim. 

– When it comes to marketing, the relationship you have with your analysts is every bit as important as the relationship you have with the consumers.

Key Quotes

“In product marketing, no matter how big the company, be thinking about analyst relations as a part of your mix.”

“If your only measurement is ‘are we in the magic quadrant or not?’ that’s not very effective because that’s binary and it ignores all the other reports and all the other analysts.”

“Buyers become our customers because we’re good at A, B and C and while it’s not comfortable saying, features D, E and F, we’re middle of the pack, I don’t think there’s any shame in that. And I think analysts will respect you if you say that to them.”


Andrew Lochart is the Senior Director, Product Marketing of Unisys. With over 25 years of experience in B2B technology, Andrew has worked in companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to ten-person startups. In 25+ yrs of his career, he has worked in various organizations such as Mobolize, nScaled, Inc., Lochart Consulting, 1000 Markets, Proofpoint, and St. Bernard. He is known for his expertise in managing analyst relations to build crucial awareness and credibility, with deep experience in planning and executing the marketing programs that lead to exponential growth.




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[bctt tweet="No matter how big the company, be thinking about analyst relations as a part of your mix. - @andrewlochart, Sr. Director of Product Marketing @Unisys #marketingtrends"]
[bctt tweet="Breaking news is not really a thing as much as it used to be. - @andrewlochart, Sr. Director of Product Marketing @Unisys #marketingtrends"]

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