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This episode of Marketing Trends is a little bit different. We wanted to help give you a small peek behind the curtain of the things we are doing and thinking about here at Mission. On this episode, Marketing Trends host Ian Faison (LinkedIn | Twitter) is joined by producer Ben to go over a presentation that Ian originally gave the IBM Bluewolf Marketing Kickoff.

In this presentation, Ian explains what audacious, repeatable content is, why it is important to us here at Mission, and how it helps drive exponential growth for marketers.

Ian is the co-founder and Chief Content Officer here at, as you have heard him say a time or two if you’re a regular listener.

Audacious, Repeatable Content - (2:30)
- In a Marketing Trends interview with Joe Pulizzi, Ian and Joe discussed two main reasons why marketing doesn't work: 1) the goal isn't big enough, and 2) there isn't enough repetition.
- Ian unpacks how to address these weaknesses to create exponential results.
- "Our brains are hardwired for storytelling. As marketers, we have the ability to imprint things into people's minds." - Ian Faison
- Some examples of audacious, repeatable content Ian mentions are the Apple Knowledge Navigator from 30 years ago to The Lego Movie, Bob Ross, and the Guinness Book of World Records.
- "Marketers need to create things that are remarkable, that people talk about, share with their friends, and actually love." - Ian Faison

What Does Success Look Like? - (14:00)
- According to researchers from University College in London, it takes 66 repetitions to build a habit.
- Marketers should aim for their content to be engaged with at least 66 times.
- Ian mentions the importance of the past, present, and future content at Mission.
- "You want to write a future in which your company or product is still around." - Ian Faison
- To achieve this, The Mission aims for a blend of evergreen content plus "appointment television."
- Other strategies include: blending fiction and non-fiction, narrative versus interview-based content, and engaging multiple mediums.
- "With the death of inventory-based marketing, you have to put content out there that can get exponential results." - Ian Faison

Key Takeaways - (24:00)
- When creating a character for an ad, create something that you can turn into serial content.
- "When thinking about the buyer persona, think about who they are as a person. Who are their friends and family? How can we make this into a TV show? A movie? How can we create serialized content?" - Ian Faison
- Distribution is becoming commoditized, so you need to build content with exponential value. Sometimes you have to spend big to win big.
- "Invest in the past, present, and future. We can create the future as marketers." - Ian Faison.

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