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How do you establish a brand reputation in the B2B space when your brand has historically been known for consumer electronics? That is the question facing Bob Madaio (LinkedIn | Twitter), VP of Marketing at Sharp Business USA. After more than 20 years with EMC and Hitachi, Bob now leads the marketing team for the B2B arm of Sharp electronics.

On today's episode Bob sits down with Ian to discuss what he's doing to change those perceptions, gives his perspective on the best ways to acquire customer feedback, talks about his favorite campaign, and much more.

5 Key Takeaways:
- Focusing on the customer is your number one job as a marketer.
- Trying new things with your marketing is a must. Don't be afraid to go a little off-the-rails.
- "Are you a trendsetter or a trend-jacker?" - Bob Madaio
- Over-architecting a message with a campaign does more harm than benefit.
- Be confident and don't be afraid to speak your mind early in your career.

Bob Madaio is the VP of Marketing for Sharp Business USA, a division of Sharp Electronics. In this role, he is responsible for the organization's B2B marketing efforts across networked multifunctional printers, professional display, and a growing smart office and IT solutions business. Prior to joining Sharp, he was a senior executive at two major IT solutions companies. He spent six years at Hitachi Vantara, helping customers derive greater value from their data, modernize their IT infrastructure and prepare for the coming IoT data wave. He also spent nearly 15 years at EMC where he held a number of senior solutions marketing roles.

Notes & Quotes:
How Bob Got Into Marketing - (1:10)
- Bob studied economics for undergrad, but didn't really know what he wanted to do with it.
- He joined EMC as a competitive analyst and stuck around for 15 years, where he eventually ended up working in a marketing capacity.

Current Role at Sharp - (2:20) - Bob runs the US B2B marketing for Sharp.
- Sharp has such a recognizable brand, but many people don't know that Sharp does copiers, security services, smart offices, and other services as well.
- "One of our big products is on the display side, which is another very big part of our business, are things like interactive touchscreens, which have really found a home in schools and changing education and working in that space." - Bob Madaio
- One challenge for Bob is that he is attempting to build a services and consulting business in what has typically been a product-centric company.
- Sharp is working on making offices smarter. Bob asks, "Are you sending all your smart people to a dumb room? Where's your investment going in those people?" - Bob Madaio

Seeking Feedback From Your Customer - (18:00)
- "Our dealers need messaging that resonates end-user customers just like we do, but it's much easier to walk down the hall to someone selling in New Jersey, which is where our headquarters is, and ask how things are being received and work that through all of our content." - Bob Madaio
- Customer feedback is crucial, and it's only becoming more important as technology make it easier and easier to acquire.

Favorite and Least Favorite Campaign - (24:00)
- During his partner marketing days, Bob and his team were able to help build a very successful go-to-market program.
- There were times where Bob felt he was over-architecting the message of some of the campaigns he worked on.
- Some advice Bob received early in his career is, "was really just about being able to be confident and speak your mind. And so, I'd risen up reasonably quickly through a management structure at EMC and took on people. I was in my twenties and such and it's that sort of getting past that imposter problem and recognizing that you know this topic better than the people in that meeting room. Be confident in what you're talking about and feel free to speak truth to power about it."

Pardot Lightning Round - (28:30)
- Most fun app on your phone: Podcast app
- Favorite recent book: Why Simple Wins by Lisa Bodell
- Favorite vacation spot: Thailand
- Favorite team: US Soccer team
- Most excited for about the future of marketing: Brand safety and fixing the issues with programmatic marketing.
- Technology or trend he's most excited for the future of marketing: AI and how it accelerates things.
- Question that Doug's never asked that he wishes he was asked more often: More questions regarding lead-gen.

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