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Finding exponential growth is the dream and goal of every startup. It’s also extremely difficult. On this episode of Marketing Trends, we talked with an expert in startup growth about what it takes to achieve liftoff. Brian Rothenberg (LinkedIn | Twitter), is a partner at the venture capital firm and a veteran of startup marketing himself. He previously served as the Head of Growth and GM at Eventbrite and the Co-Head of Marketing at TaskRabbit.

On this episode, Brian talks all about how growth needs to evolve at every startup stage, including how to find product/market fit, scaling, and creating durable growth.

3 Key Takeaways:

Growth marketing looks different at different stages for a startup. Effective entrepreneurs need to learn to adapt and change as their company grows.

– In the first stages, marketing should be focused on experimentation and finding product-market fit.

– After that comes finding the most effective marketing channels and optimizing those channels.


Brian is an Investment Partner at He previously worked at Eventbrite as the VP of Growth and GM of their self-service business/product. He helped to scale Eventbrite’s business to several billions of dollars in annual transactions across 180+ countries around the world.

Before Eventbrite he was Co-Head of Marketing at TaskRabbit where he helped to 3x their core business volume and co-authored the strategy that led to TaskRabbit’s successful pivot to a more tightly-managed marketplace. He joined TaskRabbit via acquisition of his own company, SkillSlate, which he co-founded and ran product and marketing for.

Brian started his career as a Product Manager for Yahoo!’s marketplace businesses where he was focused on consumer product, SEO, conversion optimization, traffic acquisition, and any other growth lever he could find.


“I had been advising a bunch of entrepreneurs and one issue that I was seeing is a lot of people were trying to apply the late-stage growth approach too early. Startups exist to grow. That’s their purpose. But you have to crawl or walk before you can run.” – Brian Rothenberg

“A lot of startups skew towards this quantitative data-driven approach to growth, but at the early stage it’s understanding your five customers and talking to them about their onboarding experience.” – Brian Rothenberg

– “You should be hypothesis-driven and seek to learn, to get to product-market fit, so that you can scale. We were infinitely more productive when we shifted from ‘what did we accomplish?’ to ‘what did we learn?’” – Brian Rothenberg

Link to Brian’s Article: From Zero to IPO: How Growth Needs to Evolve at Every Startup Stage

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