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"Content only succeeds when it is helpful or resonates emotionally." That is the central thesis of Camille Ricketts' (LinkedIn | Twitter) content strategy. Camille is the Head of Marketing at Marketing at Notion. She helped revolutionize content marketing in the VC industry with her work at First Round Capital.

On this episode, Camille talks about what it takes to create and scale a great content marketing strategy. She also talks about her start in marketing, work styles, marketing leadership, and much more.

5 Key Takeaways:
- Content is the most scalable way to communicate your brand's values and objectives.
- Great content is either helpful or resonates emotionally with its audience.
- Enterprise marketing is no different in this regard. B2B buyers are humans, too.
- Find a niche by being different. Different mediums work for different people.
- Spend more time and energy focusing on your strengths than fixing your weaknesses.

Camille Ricketts is the Head of Marketing for Notion. She has previously served as the Head of Content and Marketing at First Round Capital, Content Manager at Kiva, and Communications Manager at Tesla Motors. Camille is a graduate of Stanford University with a BA in History.

Notes & Quotes:

Camille's Background - (01:00)
- Camille started in journalism, but quickly pivoted into a PR and marketing role.
- Camille's first marketing job was with Tesla, and mostly involved driving around a Roadster and showing it off.
- She went on to get her MBA and this where she fell in love with marketing and was drawn to the "creativity and thoughtfulness around it."

Camille's Start in Content Marketing - (05:00)
- When you're on a marketing team, you're selling multiple brands. You're selling one story that gets interpreted through multiple lenses.
- Camille's first forays into developing a cohesive content strategy were with First Round Capital.
- Most VCs were producing content, but it was mostly partners. First Round's insight was to differentiate by interviewing founders and operators.
- "We found that content was going to be the most scalable way to send messages about what we value." - Camille Ricketts
- Camille and her team found that there was a dearth of information around how operators should approach building and scaling a business.
- "Do we need more content? Absolutely. It's like asking in 1900 if we need more books. The cutting edge of practitioners are working on things right now that won't be written down for at least a year." - Ian Faison
- Camille leaned into long-form, even thought he industry was going the other way. She and her team found people wanted a really comprehensive overview on topics. They wanted a manual.

Accelerating a Content Marketing Strategy - (20:30)
- You can recycle content and there is great value there. People need to be reminded and need it resurfaced.
- One example of an enduring brand mentioned by both Camille and Ian... Passover?
- "There are no more mass-marketing experiences." - Camille Ricketts
- "Bob Ross was in 8x more houses than Game of Thrones is." - Ian Faison

Audacious Content - (28:15)
- Enterprise is going to have to follow consumer marketing. Enterprise buyers are humans, too, with emotions just like anyone else.
- "The most successful content programs are not necessarily pushing the idea of a brand or product, but figuring out the problems their audience has, and even if that wasn't the problem that product was solving, they created content that solved the problem." - Camille Ricketts
- Notion is excited that students are using their product. They're useful to them, and maybe they'll use the product later in life.
- You don't necessarily have to fit in with a group to market to them. You just need to understand their problems.
- Corporate storytelling when it's done well, taps into humanity. You have to motivate somebody.
- Content only succeeds when it is helpful or resonates emotionally.

Corporate Content Marketing Strategy - (34:30)
- People create content with a rote formula where their product is the hero. In order to be successful, you have to give them content that isn't specific to your product.
- If people wouldn't share your content, it's not worth creating.
- Creating a next action is important. That next action doesn't necessarily have to be a purchase, it can be subscribing or continuing to engage with more content.
- Help center content can be really useful. It doesn't have to be rote step-by-step stuff, you can give them tools to solve their problems.
- What is Notion's future? They want to be able to build the tools to help people work the way they want to.
- Camille believes that work styles are going to play a bigger role in the future of work.
- "Double down on where you're strong." - Camille Ricketts

Pardot Lightning Round - (37:00)
- Most fun app: Pocket Casts
- Favorite one-day getaway: Monterey, CA
- Favorite ad campaign: Thank You, Mom by P&G
- Favorite recent podcast: The Rewatchables by The Ringer
- Question she wishes she was asked more: Team building. Having a team that likes each other is crucial to great work.
- Best advice for first time writer: Don't get discouraged and get great at receiving feedback.

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