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How can a brand make itself a go-to source for thought leadership in an industry? To find out, we talked with Chris Cartrett (LinkedIn | Twitter). Chris is currently Executive Vice President at Aderant, a software company providing legal business solutions to firms around the world. As EVP, Chris is responsible for growth and strategy at Aderant.

On this episode of Marketing Trends, Chris joins host Ian Faison to discuss how to add value through thought leadership, the unique challenges of marketing in the professional services industry, his best tips for sales and marketing alignment, and much more.

Sales and Marketing at Aderant - (3:00)

- Chris's current role comprises strategy and growth, which encompasses sales, client experience, and marketing.
- "We're not a company with massive spend across areas, so we need to take advantage of our dollars wisely." - Christ Cartrett
- Aderant provides time and billing, knowledge management, and calendaring and docketing software for the legal community, mainly large and mid size firms.

Thought Leadership - (8:00)
- Chris discusses the challenge of a set market and having to talk to the same people over and over again.
- "We have to add value so our clients desire to have us come in the door. Not because we're trying to take money out of their pockets, but because we actually bring value to their role in the firm." - Chris Cartrett
- Aderant focuses on thought leadership to drive deals, instead of directly trying to sell something.
- "People started understanding that the thought leadership is what caused the deal. You just happen to be there when they decide to buy" - Chris Cartrett

Adding Value - (14:00)
- "People felt less threatened to consume our marketing content, because it really was about helping them be better at their jobs." - Chris Cartrett
- Different customers consume data differently, so Aderant creates a variety of content, from conferences to webinars and white papers.
- "As the tech first generations get older, if your company isn't positioned with seamless customer experience, then you're going to lose out on clients." - Ian Faison
- Chris points out that buying is becoming more challenging and complex across sectors. So his goal was to capitalize on that and create a solution for his customers.

Overcoming Productivity Challenges - (25:00)
- "No matter who you are, you want to be more productive. Time is the most precious resource, and helping remove friction from the things people hate is a very advantageous place to be." - Ian Faison
- "Existing customer relationships are worth their weight in gold." - Chris Cartrett
- Chris emphasizes that it's not about slinging content to generate numbers, but finding the four people who are actually going to do something.
- Sales and marketing leaders have a monthly call at Aderant to align the teams and help sales leaders bond with and understand what marketing is doing.

Pardot Lightning Round - (45:00)
- Current favorite app: Twitter
- Favorite one day getaway: Lake Lanier
- Ad campaign most envious of: Atlanta Mission
- Advice for a future CMO/EVP: Don't be scared of the numbers. It's okay to not get the results you were hoping for. Measure, count, measure again.

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