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There is a misconception that content marketing can’t be part of a huge marketing campaign. At least, that’s what Cathy McPhillips (LinkedIn | Twitter) has seen. But, as the Vice President of Marketing at the Content Marketing Institute, she’s trying to show agencies and marketers everywhere that you can integrate content marketing into your campaigns. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Cathy talks about how that’s possible and gives examples from the real world to show how companies like REI, Lowes, and Patagonia were able to turn their content marketing activities into revenue generators.

3 Key Takeaways:

– There is a distinct difference between advertising and content marketing, but good CMOs balance the two to achieve goals

– The content you put out has to have a purpose, and the purpose should be about building relationships

– Companies like REI and Patagonia have proven that you can turn your content marketing website into a revenue generator

Key Quotes:

“Advertising is product-driven, it’s in your face, it’s interrupting you. Content marketing is giving the customers valuable, relevant, consistent content….it’s just building that relationship over time. So it is a longer sell. It’s a harder thing for CMOs and for founders to swallow knowing it’s not going to be an instant, quick fix.”

“If you’re putting money behind something to get the distribution out there, set up tracking codes, set up your URLs, do all of that ahead of time. So then when you do spend the money, if it wasn’t successful in the way you wanted it to be, at least you can figure out why and then you can shift dollars.”

“REI and Patagonia, the content and the videos and they get from their customers is phenomenal. And I know they’re getting business because people are all in. Someone interested in hiking or paddleboarding or kayaking, they’re reading this article and they’re going to go to those places because they know they’re experts in all the equipment and everything that they need. And they take the time to build these relationships, then show this human side of their customers who are sharing the stories back to back with them.”


“Cathy is the Vice President of Marketing for the Content Marketing Institute, an Informa company, where she oversees marketing efforts for the brand including in-person events Content Marketing World and ContentTECH Summit. Prior to joining CMI, Cathy managed social/community efforts for Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign, owned her own strategic marketing business for over a decade, and was media supervisor at Wyse Advertising. She was part of Ohio University’s Jerry L. Sloan Visiting Professionals in Public Relations program in 2017, and guest lectures at Kent State University, Cleveland State University and University of Akron, and was recently appointed to Ohio University’s Marketing Advisory Board. Cathy was part of Folio: 2014 Top Women in Media, and MarTechExec 2018 50 Women You Need to Know in Martech.”


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