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Corinne Sklar is the CMO of Bluewolf, an IBM company. In her thirteen years with Bluewolf, Corinne has developed and implemented marketing strategies that have helped grow the company’s revenue from three million to over a billion.

In part 2 of our interview with Corinne, she explains why “if you build it they will come” is absolutely wrong, how to get buy-in on long-term marketing projects, and why she thinks that every marketer could benefit from doing a stint in services marketing.

To listen to part 1, click here.

Getting Buy-In for Long-Term Projects - (0:58)
- Make sure you communicate clearly when a project is core to your brand. These projects tend to be evergreen and generate returns over an extended time period.
- Corinne explains what she means when she says that her team "plucks the whole chicken."
- These projects should start at the beginning with customer insight.
- Marketers are more engaged if you allow them to engage with customers. This applies to all marketers, not just brand marketers.
- "I'm a big believer in brand for B2B. It is underdeveloped." - Corinne Sklar

Brand Always Matters - (12:10)
- Corinne advocates for focusing on building brand at every stage of development. In startups and early-stage organizations, you have to set the tone and start developing brand early. It pays off down the road.
- Early stage marketers should focus heavily on building their teams and enabling them to experiment. Later on, developing a strong relationship with sales leaders becomes even more important.
- Leave room for experimental projects at every stage of company growth.
- "Just because you build it doesn't mean they're going to come." - Corinne Sklar
- Some companies put too much focus on product. It's also crucial to get your go-to-market strategy right.

Marketing Project Management - (23:15)
- Marketers could take some tips from consulting. There is significant value in learning the process of project management.
- Don't just look at other organizations and what they are doing, look at the objectives you are trying to accomplish and experiment to see what works.

Women Innovators Network - (29:00)
- Link to Women Innovators Network
- Women are already leading some of the most innovative projects in the world.
- Women Innovators Network is designed to help get women from director to the c-suite.
- The project also helps men understand how to be better allies and mentors to women innovators.

Pardot Lightning Round - (32:12)
- Favorite book, favorite app, worst advice best advice, favorite follow on social media, and favorite marketing campaign.

Mentioned by Corinne -
- State of Salesforce by Bluewolf
- Women Innovators Network
- Lincoln in the Bardo
- The Vogue App
- The Daily by New York Times
- Nike Colin Kaepernick ad

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