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Building up your brand is important for any organization. But how do you define your brand, and what do other people think of you? Sometimes, the answers to those two questions don’t match up and it’s at that point that Craig Dekshenieks, the Director, Content & Marketing Operations at Aderant, says that hard choices need to be made. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Craig explains why discovering outside perceptions should be a key factor in your marketing strategy. Plus, he talks about why content needs to do more than just spread your brand message and he talks about the future of marketing.

3 Takeaways:

How others perceive you is just as important as how you perceive yourself

– You need to create content that converts

– The ability to measure hard-to-measure things will be what defines the future of marketing

Key Quotes:

“Everyone perceives themselves in a certain way. And companies are no different. Usually, it’s based on the founders’ perception of themselves, but sometimes you need to find out how other people view you. It might be spot on, it might be incorrect, but do we want to change it? And how do we do that? Because, it can be really eyeopening if most people think, ‘Oh, we’re a cool hip brand.’ And really the public perception is that you’re old, that you’re out of date, that you’re out of touch.” 

“If this product, for example, is for this type of person – what do they care about? What is their why? And that’s what you want to find out — how our product, how our software, our different solutions can actually address their why, what they care about the most.”

“I think people have media exhaustion…but I think podcasts offer a relief. This is the only medium left where I feel like there’s a true dialogue going on.” 

“What I like to see is someone or a company, or an organization be successful and actually go from 0 to 60 on the strength of a clever marketing campaign. And when I say clever, I’m not talking about catchy, you know, like ‘Where’s the beef?’ It’s more they chose, right. They chose the media, right. They chose the message right. And it resonated with people. I love hearing stories about that.”

“The next level I think for the best marketers is to figure out how you can measure very difficult to measure things. That, to me, is really, really going to be cutting edge in the next wave.”


Craig Dekshenieks, Director of Content and Marketing Operations at Aderant, has been in advertising and marketing his entire career starting on the ad agency side with BBDO right out of school, followed by a sales career in custom publishing, and then most recently on the client side. Craig believes that effective content marketing goes beyond Account-Based Marketing (ABM), to a persona level of Individual-Based Marketing (IBM), and understanding the needs, wants and whys of the different individuals is the key to successful marketing.
Craig received his BA in Advertising from the University of Georgia with a double minor in Business and Psychology. He and his wife Carol live in Atlanta, GA. Their son Avery is a junior majoring in Engineering at Stanford, and their daughter Kelsey is sophomore majoring in Business and is a varsity student-athlete at Georgia Tech.

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