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Taking on a larger and older competitor can be intimidating. They have more people, money, and resources to throw at you and try to knock you out. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right strategy and execution, newer entrants can out-compete and eclipse their larger competitors.

On this episode of Marketing Trends, we talked to Daniel Rodriguez (LinkedIn | Twitter) to find out how. Daniel is the Head of Marketing at Alyce. Previously, he served as the VP of Seismic, where he helped it eclipse, and eventually acquire, the previous market leader. In this interview with host Lauren Vaccarello, Daniel also talks about ABM, the importance of consistency, and how to approach new channels.

3 Key Takeaways:

When implementing an ABM strategy, it’s not enough to target the right accounts. You need to create an experience that wows your target audience.

– All marketers should think of themselves as innovators or fast-followers when it comes to finding and exploiting new channels.

– Consistency is key. It’s easy to get bored with your messaging when you create it and hear it every day, but your target market hears it far less.

Key Quotes

“You’re either building it, you’re selling it, or you’re getting in the way.”

“If it’s really valuable for you to get into target accounts, then the approach that you should be taking is creating a wow experience and being really thoughtful.”

“Being early with a marketing strategy is going to, in all likelihood, be worth the risk. It’s better than being late, where you might be paying through the nose for things that are going to yield marginal results.”

“I think that marketers sometimes want to have a new campaign or a new saying, a new thing to keep themselves excited intellectually and excited about something. But the reality is the market doesn’t know what it is that you’re trying to communicate. And if you’re a fast-growing company, every six months there are a lot of new people and they don’t know either. So there isn’t much value in rotating things around.”

“The front lines of using technology is to actually do the work that is time-consuming to be thoughtful.”


Daniel Rodriguez is the head of marketing at Alyce, a role he has held since March of 2018. Previous to that, he served as Alyce’s Head of Revenue. Daniel has extensive marketing and entrepreneurial experience, having served as the VP of Marketing for Seismic and the Co-Founder of multiple companies including Indivly Magic and PrizeTube. Daniel is a graduate of Havard University, where he got his BA in Economics, and MIT, where he got his MBA.


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