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Every marketing team needs 3 C's - communication, content, and coordination, according to Dave King (LinkedIn | Twitter), Head of Marketing at Asana. On this episode of Marketing Trends, he talks about how marketing leaders can better manage all three.

In this conversation, Dave also talks about the difference between collaboration and coordination, why he decided to join Asana, the advantages of the self-serve model, and his philosophy for building and managing a marketing team.

5 Key Takeaways:
- Marketers can't just be focused on messaging. They need to focus on the management of content and how it gets to the finish line.
- Marketers can't bring the same playbook to every company. They need to adapt to their business, and its product and strategy.
- A company's goals and values should be a part of the way it operates and manages products.
- Marketing needs to be focused on the full customer life-cycle and not just on acquisition.
- "I think as a marketer, our job has always been to create content that is useful and delightful to the audience, and then scale it." - Dave King

Bio: Dave King is the head of global marketing and dedicated to showing teams everywhere why Asana is the best way to manage their projects and tasks. He looks after Asana's brand and leads efforts to drive market growth and build the Asana community. Before joining Asana, Dave led the marketing teams at Percolate, Highfive, and Salesforce Community Cloud. Dave earned his B.S. from Duke University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Notes & Quotes:
Dave's Origins in Marketing - (1:30)
- Dave's origins in marketing began in college when he helped to found a startup.
- He took a detour through Wall Street, but eventually ended up back in marketing.
- His current role is the CMO of Asana, a project management platform startup.

Dave's Time at Asana - (3:00)
- Several million teams across 195 countries use Asana.
- Asana helps teams get organized, and helps them make sure no one drops the ball.
- "We have an incredible amount of work focused on the channel, but we didn't have anything to coordinate the work." - Dave King
- Dave has to love the product in order to market effectively, which is why he started with Asana.
- Dave believes we're in the third wave of marketing. It's focused on optimizing process and being more agile and creative.

Collaboration vs. Coordination - (10:00)
- "Everything is multidisciplinary." - Dave King
- The Three C's of marketing are: Communication, Content, Coordination.
- "We're collaborating at exponential rates, but that hasn't translated into productivity." - Dave King
- You need clarity around what's happening after any collaboration. What are the action items? What are the immediate to-do's?
- Historically, most marketing tools have focused on reaching the market, rather than on how to coordinate and actually get the work done.
- Asana usually starts with a single team, rather than with an entire company.
- "The top of our funnel actually starts with our existing community, because 60% of our new users come from word-of-mouth." - Dave King
- "I think as a marketer, our job has always been to create content that is useful and delightful to the audience, and then scale it." - Dave King

Putting Together a Marketing Team - (24:00)
- You can't bring in a playbook to every company. You have to adapt to your team and your product.
- "The marketing team cannot be divorced from the other functional teams." - Dave King
- "Get really clear on your target audience. Who are you trying to serve and what does success look like?" - Dave King
- Ground-up insight and top-down alignment.
- "When you tackle a universal problem, there's plenty of money to be made." - Dave King

The Self-Serve Model - (36:00)
- Whether or not self-serve is right for you, depends on your mission and your model. Since Asana is trying to solve a universal problem, it makes a lot of sense.
- Asana mostly relies on organic growth, both between and inside of organizations.
- More teams need to focus on marketing as being concerned with the full life-cycle.
- According to Dave, it's crucial to get your marketing strategy into a playbook.

Asana Hacks & Productivity Tips (48:30)
- Put your company objectives, values, and goals into Asana.
- Put your marketing plan into a calendar and share it with the entire organization.
- Templatize. You should rarely have to create anything from scratch.
- Use universal records. One task can be shared between multiple teams and organizations.

Pardot Lightning Round - (51:30)
- Most fun app on your phone: Flipboard
- Favorite recent book: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker
- Campaign you're envious of: Behind the Mac
- What you do for fun: Triathlon
- Most excited for about the future of marketing: Problem-solving and story-telling.

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