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According to Mathew Sweezey, we no longer live in a world where traditional marketing efforts will pay off in big ways. Instead, marketers need to realize that the entire environment they are working in has changed, and therefore the marketing game they are playing has changed as well. It’s this entire idea that Mathew has written about in his new book, The Context Marketing Revolution and on this episode of Marketing Trends, he discusses some of the things you will learn if you pick up a copy.

3 Takeaways:

Automation can and should be used as a tool to enable new opportunities

– The environment in which marketing happens has changed, therefore marketing itself should also change

– Marketers must focus on experiences if they expect to be successful in this new environment

Key Quotes:

“The number one problem people have with automation is they don’t understand that it opens the door for new possibilities. They simply buy a tool and then automate the things that they’ve been doing, rather than saying, ‘Hey, let’s look at the new possibilities that we could do and then go do those things.’”

“Being an early pioneer in the automation space really opened my eyes to a much broader world. It gave me a glimpse into the future very early and it’s just continued to play out.” 

“We often don’t think of media as an environment. We just see it as a book on the shelf or the magazine on the table or the Instagram feed in our hands. We don’t realize that the things that we think and how we act are a direct correlation to the media environment. The idea that we have of love is a direct representation of how we’ve seen love being demonstrated through those different mediums. So if something in the environment changes, we change. When we talk about context, we’re not just talking about how do you apply context to the existing idea that you have of marketing. No, I’m saying the idea that you have of marketing is a specific game that was created to be played in a very specific media environment. That was the limited media environment. Now we live in the infinite media environment, which is a completely different concept.”

“The old focus was, we’re going to make something so amazing and so jaw-dropping that you’re going to stop doing what you were normally doing and you’re going to pay attention to this and then it’s going to drive you to go do the action or thing that we want. But now let’s put that idea against how modern consumers operate given the new environment. It used to be the idea of it just took one thing, one amazing, creative, beautiful thing, to get people to do what we want and that’s just not how it happens right now.”

“Marketing is not one size fits all. It depends on what game you’re trying to play. If you are a new entrant to a market, you have to play one game. If you’re a disrupter, you play another game. There’s different games that marketers have to play based on the scenario that they’re in and what they’re actually trying to do.”

Mathew’s Bio:

Mathew Sweezey is Director of Market Strategy for Salesforce. A researcher, thinker, award-winning marketer, and writer, he is the author of Marketing Automation for Dummies and keynotes at conferences around the world. When not behind a podium or sifting through data, he routinely works with the world’s largest and most well-respected brands, including UPS, Home Depot, AT&T, and Dell.

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