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For as long as she can remember, Randi Barshack has considered herself to be a storyteller. Whether that was working as a filmmaker, or helping to produce documentaries, connecting with individuals and telling a story has always been her passion. While she’s no longer in the movie-making industry, today she helps tell those stories through a different lens. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Randi, now the Senior Vice President of RollWorks, joins the show to talk about her journey into the marketing industry, why ABM is so complex, and why diversity and being able to adapt with the times is an integral part of achieving success.

3 Takeaways:

– Your story is being told in everything you do, say and give away

– ABM should be where you start, not what you do at the end of the line

– Marketing is about adapting to your surroundings, you need to change your message with the time

Key Quotes:

“As a marketer, when you believe that deeply in what you’re actually marketing, your job becomes relatively easy.”

“As a storyteller, it’s way more interesting to be able to tell stories around things and topics that are somewhat unapproachable and can be off-putting and intimidating for the audiences that are met to consume them. So it really stretches you as a storyteller.”

“There is no sense that you can’t engage when it comes to storytelling and you know, I think being able to apply that in marketing to many, many channels is what one thing I love as a storyteller.”

“You could have a strong left brain and a strong right brain within your organization and you’ll have really good marketing. But if you can intermingle the two is when you have phenomenal marketing, and when the magic happens.” 

“You’re telling your story in everything from the business cards you hand out to the clothes your CEO is wearing when he gives a talk to the giveaways in your trade show booth.”

“The battle scars are what make you a better marketer, or professional, or even arguably a person.”

“I’m trying to break down that myth, and the misconception that ABM is like for when you’re, at the end of the line and looking to have the most sophisticated marketing mix. And, and I would say ABM is actually in many ways where you should start.”

“All the great ideas always come the day after the deadline.”

“If you ask five CMOs what ABM is you’ll get six different definitions, right? So I think there’s probably an element of we might think we know what it is, but we might have the wrong definition.”

“The good times are about spend and the less good times are about investment. Now you have to preserve that investment.” 

“[Marketing is] about being able to work with frameworks where the playbooks work and being very adaptable.”

“When you’re building a team, you should be building for diversity. Do not hire people that look like you and think like you and act like you. The magic of marketing is the different personalities and it takes experience to know how to manage that mentality of personalities and skillsets. But if you don’t do that, you might have good marketing, you will never have great marketing.”


With more than 20 years of experience building and scaling global marketing teams, Randi Barshack has established brands and categories across a variety of sectors. As a contemporary marketer and creative storyteller, Randi has worked in TV and film production and was a multimedia producer.  She is currently the Senior Vice President of Marketing at RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, which offers ambitious companies an account-based platform to align their marketing and sales teams and confidently grow revenue. Prior to RollWorks, Randi served as Chief Marketing Officer of Figure Eight (acquired by Appen), the leading provider of artificial training data. Prior to that, Randi held senior-level roles at xMatters, Inc. and Mashery (acquired by Intel). She co-founded the customer experience pioneer company TeaLeaf Technology (acquired by IBM), the first spin-off of SAP. Randi holds a Master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College.

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