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Doug Sweeny (LinkedIn | Twitter) made his mark in the marketing world with world-class, innovative companies like Google and Nest. For his next challenge, he decided to join a company taking on one of the most change-resistant industries imaginable: healthcare. Doug is currently the CMO of One Medical, a company that is using disruptive technology to connect consumers with primary care providers.

On today's episode Doug sits down with Ian to talk about what he's working on at One Medical, how he got his start in marketing, why he likes to work for mission-based companies, and much more.

5 Key Takeaways:
- Make marketing as simple as possible. Consumers should have absolute clarity about your message.
- "It all starts and ends with the product you're selling." - Doug Sweeny
- Campaigns work well when they are in tight alignment with a brand's product and mission.
- A brand mission provides a rallying cry that ripples out through all marketing messages and channels.
- "The balance between brand building, storytelling, positioning, and the business, have to be evaluated at all times." - Doug Sweeny

As chief marketing officer, Doug is responsible for marketing strategy, growth and the brand story at One Medical. Doug brings deep experience across a variety of business categories and led marketing for iconic brands like Nest, Levi’s, adidas, and General Motors EV1. In 2018, he was selected by Forbes as a top 50 CMO.

While at Nest, Doug was hired as CMO and oversaw every aspect of the brand's consumer experience from an early start-up to becoming a household name. At Levi’s, he was VP of global marketing across 110 countries. Doug is a senior advisor to Google Ventures, a variety of startups, and frequent guest lecturer at Stanford School of Business and a Syracuse University iSchool board member.

Notes & Quotes:
How Doug Got Into Marketing - (1:30)
- Doug had a passion for brands and for creating things as a kid.
- "I was really into this idea of how brands connect with consumers and tie into pop culture." - Doug Sweeny

One Medical - (2:30)
- Doug's wife introduced him to One Medical and he's been a member since 2015. - "Our mission is to transform healthcare for all. It's a pretty audacious mission statement." - Doug Sweeny
- One of the secret sauces of One Medical is the whole company goes bi-weekly to visit providers and observe the customer experience.
- "The company was founded with the idea of not being compensated on more tests and more turnstile visits. You're able to spend time with a member and talk about their health goals and what they want to do." - Doug Sweeny

Market Messaging - (13:30)
- One Medical's adapts its messaging in its markets, depending on the degree of brand recognition and market adoption.
- "There's a direct correlation between the consumer marketing that is absolutely impacting the B2B decision-makers and that's really, really important and targeted in that way as we're developing." - Doug Sweeny
- One Medical has a sky-high Net Promoter (90+) because they can provide a level of care that is so far superior to the industry average.
- Word of mouth is the number one vehicle for becoming a One Medical member.
- "There is the front door of health and then there's, if you need specialty care, we can help you out in that market as well. That's something that's another example of how we're playing within the complexity of healthcare and trying to modernize it from within." - Doug Sweeny

Some of Doug's Favorite Campaigns (30:30)
- Levi's "Go Forth" Campaign: "That was a really powerful experience about revitalizing an existing brand." - Doug Sweeny
- Doug also had many campaigns at Nest that he enjoyed working on.
- "I think it is the authenticity of that alignment with the product offering to me, is really, really paramount. That's when you know you're starting to click." - Doug Sweeny
- "I do think it's an important rallying cry internally and then it's figuring out how all the things you're doing, the actions you're creating, your activity, your behavior is supportive of that, of supportive of that mission." - Doug Sweeny
- On mission: "It is a business, but that's not really ultimately the line on the horizon that you're driving to." - Doug Sweeny

Pardot Lightning Round - (40:10)
- Most fun app on your phone: XM Radio
- Favorite recent book: A book on the national parks
- Campaign you're envious of: IKEA's "ThisAbles" Campaign
- Favorite one day getaway: Lake Tahoe
- Most excited for about the future of marketing: Brand safety and fixing the issues with programmatic marketing.
- Best advice for first-time CMO: "The balance between brand building, storytelling, positioning, and the business have to be evaluated at all times." - Doug Sweeny
- Question that Doug's never asked that he wishes he was asked more often: "Why a labradoodle?"

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Quotes from the Episode

[bctt tweet="It all starts and ends with the product you're selling. - @dougsweeny, CMO @onemedical #marketingtrends"]

[bctt tweet="The balance between brand building, storytelling, positioning, and the business have to be evaluated at all times. - @dougsweeny, CMO @onemedical #marketingtrends"]

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