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Live from Dreamforce 2019, Marketing Trends had the opportunity to do a live recording with Sydney Sloan (LinkedIn | Twitter), CMO of SalesLoft, Keith Messick (LinkedIn | Twitter), CMO of Dialpad, and Nick King (LinkedInTwitter),  VP CX Marketing at Cisco. On this episode of Marketing Trends, we get into marketing against competitors, how to think about brands, best practices for engaging with customers, and much more. 

3 Key Takeaways:

– It’s easy to use similar marketing talk as your competitor. It’s harder to go a different path and standout.

– Brand consistency is really understanding what your brand stands for and investing heavily in that.

– Implementing your customer’s voice and promoting their problems and how they were solved is very valuable.

Key Quotes

“I found that if you as a marketer can actually just really understand three customer stories, that’s it. That’s all you need to know. Different industries, different personas, different solutions, whatever it might be. You can triangulate those three stories a hundred different ways.” – Sydney Sloan, CMO, SalesLoft

“The question isn’t whether or not the customer conversations are up to date. It’s sort of whether or not anyone cares.” – Keith Messick, CMO, Dialpad

“We’re constantly infusing customer voice in our storytelling, showcasing the problems we’re solving, ideally in the customer’s own voice, which is so powerful.” – Sydney Sloan, CMO, SalesLoft

“Do you know what customers find really valuable? Insights in their own industry, coming from someone that has representation across the whole industry and this feed directly into our content.” Nick King, VP CX Marketing, Cisco


Sydney Sloan is an accomplished marketing executive with deep experience across customer experience, product marketing, demand generation and communications. Sydney brings passion, skill and a customer-centric focus to drive tangible results. She has a strong track record of building global teams and bringing new products to market as she is able to link business strategies through execution and customer adoption. A creative, solutions-driven and achievement oriented individual experienced in developing and executing marketing strategies to build awareness and generate demand across a variety of customer and industry segments.

Keith Messick is the Chief Marketing Officer at Dialpad, a digital communications technology company. Previously, he served as the CMO at Lucidworks and also held senior leadership roles at Topsy (acquired by Apple), Get Satisfaction, and SuccessFactors.

Nick King is a multi-disciplined leader with experience in marketing, product and business leadership. He’s currently leading marketing for Cisco’s CX & Services organization. Nick has road experience in all core marketing functions (product management, outbound, biz dev, business planning, GTM and strategy).

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