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Latane Conant always says it is her job to create a movement, and if you aren’t focusing on that movement, you really are not doing your job. Latane is the Chief Market Officer at 6sense. And yes, you read that right…Market officer. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Latane details why she felt it was time to drop the i-n-g from her title, the importance of the subtle change, and why it matters. Plus, she explains why it’s time to throw MQLs out the window and what the deal is with demand generation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Time to Throw those MQLs Out the Window: Instead of going down the usual path of using MQLs to measure your business, focus on the customer experience and prioritizing your current accounts. 
  • Taking the I-N-G out of Marketing: When you think about the word marketing, the root word is market. Focus on what is going on in your market and start thinking first how you can improve your in-market numbers. 
  • Demand Generating..what?: Once you shift to the notion that MQLs are not worth the time, you are no longer demand generating. Instead, what you begin to notice is you’re capturing demand and then you are engaging with your customers on a more regular basis.
  • Key Quotes:

“When you start to shift your thinking and start to think of yourself, not as the Chief Marketing Officer, but the Chief Market Officer, all of a sudden what you prioritize and how you think about your time changes, and changes for the positive.”

“Success has many fathers and failures is an orphan.”

“We’re sending more emails, we’re writing more content. We’re exhausted. We’re pushing this boulder up this hill. And all of it is going into this huge dark funnel, which that’s all the anonymous activity. It’s all lost in there across these 10 different buyers. So we put more effort into this dark funnel to hope that some MQLs pop out. They’re not really worth anything.”

“You don’t need to care about an MQL. You need to care about experience. You need to care about the right accounts, not every account. It’s a quality game, not a quantity game.”

“If you adopt this approach, and you have shed a light on your dark funnel, you’re really not demand generating anything. Demand is there. You see the demand. it’s actually about capturing demand and engaging demand.”

“In-market is the new inbound. Going from demand generation to not generating anything, and just capturing, I’ve uncovered my dark funnel. I know the accounts in market, those are the ones I’m going to proactively go after.”


As CMO of 6sense, Latané is passionate about empowering marketing leaders with effective technology, predictive insights, and thought leadership so they can confidently lead their teams, company, and industry into the future. As a “recovering software sales woman” she is keenly focused on leveraging data to ensure marketing programs result in deals, not just leads.

Prior to 6sense she was the CMO and a sales leader at Appirio. She was instrumental in aligning sales and marketing under a consistent and relevant message – resulting in increased bookings, average deal size, and win rates. Latane is creative, charismatic and competitive. Her high energy, positive attitude, and sense of humor are contagious and it’s hard to find a customer, partner, audience, or employee who doesn’t want to work with her.

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