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Kris Bondi is a multi-time CMO who has been called on regularly for her expertise in crisis communication — including for companies such as Starbucks and other large organizations. Today, she’s doing more of that work than ever, and she wanted to share with listeners some ways to deploy effective and efficient communication tactics during tough times. On this episode of Marketing Trends, she stresses the importance of media relations, the need to understand the proper tone and timeliness of your messages, and emphasizes why you need to always be prepared.

3 Takeaways:

– Responding during a crisis is much more about tone than any other messaging you do
– Emphasizing and acknowledging the situation is one of the most important tactics
– Make sure you are sticking to your message and preparing your executives for all scenarios

Key Quotes:

“In general, I think people don’t plan. One of the reasons I’ve been successful is because I look at things the whole way around and always ask, ‘What if it doesn’t work?’”

“When you’re responding to something during a crisis, it is much more about tone and what is the vibe that you want to get out.”

“The average person’s imagination is way worse than most reality.”

“Know that whatever you’re saying is, will most likely get to, if not on social media, at least to customers and partners.”

“As a marketer, you have a responsibility not only to help the company communicate, but if you are the better communicator, and you should be the best communicator in the organization, you have a responsibility to help your most senior executives be able to communicate well.” 

“You need to understand the difference between the day-to-day response and when you’re responding during the crisis. When you respond during a crisis, it’s much more about tone. “

“Media relations is never a game, but, particularly if you’re in a crisis situation, it’s not time to play games.”

“The simplest way to acknowledge is to say, I know that this is very difficult for some of you. That simple statement does not need any additional explanation. And the empathy that it expresses speaks volumes.”

“If empathy doesn’t come naturally to you, then you need to realize that. And second, you need to make sure that you have somebody as your empathy barometer.”


Kris Bondi is a multi-time CMO and crisis communications specialist who currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of LogDNA, a company that empowers organizations with a fast, scalable, secure way to centralize data, gain real-time insights and pinpoint issues. 

She is an international marketing professional with over twenty years of experience in product and brand positioning. Go-to market, and building hockey stick pipeline. She has led marketing and multiple start-ups and technology companies, including Neura and Bitnami. In addition, she is a frequent presenter and writer on new technology, business growth, and marketing strategies.

She returns as a guest on Marketing Trends for the second time. In her previous appearance, Bondi spoke about the power of mentoring, the importance of shedding light on other members of the C-Suite, and why it’s important for marketers to follow through and follow-up even after they put the message out. 

For the previous episode she appeared on Marketing Trends, click here.

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