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Every business has customers. But what makes a brand truly powerful is not having customers, but having fans. So how does a brand acquire fans? To find out, we talked to Eric Solomon (LinkedIn), Fractional CMO at Blackbird. Eric has a PhD in psychology and a long track record of helping brands connect with their audiences. On this episode, Eric also talks about customer-centricity, building a community, and best practices for great storytelling.

3 Key Takeaways:

– Brands need to be focused on the long term. They can’t lose sight of long-term relationships just for the sake of hitting short-term metrics.

– You can’t keep the same strategy and just move it to a new channel. For example, digital video required a completely new strategy from television advertising.

– Most brands do not aim to simply be a platform. They aim to be synonymous with what they are selling ie. Spotify aims to be synonymous with sound.


Eric entered the business world through the doors of academia, earning his Ph.D. in psychology prior to running brand and creative strategy in award-winning advertising agencies. Most recently, Eric has served as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer for a variety of companies—from new start-ups to established organizations. He is currently the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in residence for BlackBird. 

At Blackbird, Eric helped launch the “CMO-in-Residence” concept and program, which allows clients to tap his ‘fractional’ CMO services as an experienced marketer and brand-builder, with deep experience at some of the world’s top technology companies. Eric is also a sought-after speaker, writer, teacher, and mentor who is looking for additional opportunities to talk about how to be truly human in an increasingly digital world.

Quotes from Eric:

– “It’s always been the ambition for Spotify to own the ear, not just to be a music platform, but to really be something bigger than that and to be the company that stands for sound.”

– “By the time I joined YouTube, it had gotten to a place where a lot of brands were simply just taking whatever they did on TV and just threw that on YouTube, checked the box and said, great, we’re digital now. And we had to come along and say, you know what, digital video’s a totally new thing.”

– “If you’re just focused on short term gains, you’re going to lose sight of that long term vision and that’s going to be a problem in the long run.”






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