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Frazier Miller (LinkedIn | Twitter) says his first love was product management, which allowed him to focus on the customer. He brought that love with him as he moved up the corporate ladder and he taps into it frequently when devising strategy as the CMO of Wrike. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Frazier discusses why he thinks that focusing on product fit is such an effective marketing strategy, plus he explains what it means to work in a high-velocity business. 

3 Key Takeaways:

– Working in a high-velocity business means you always have a lot of volume coming into the top of the funnel

– Focusing on the customer’s relationship to the product is a guiding light for marketers

– When you are moving toward outbound, patience is key

Key Quotes:

“The epiphany for me was that there’s so many, somebody that marketing teams and sales teams are focused on the funnel — it’s about getting prospects to the top of the funnel and converting. But there’s this real opportunity to think more broadly about the customer journey and really the prospect journey and how you can add value at different steps along the way.”

“There’s always an opportunity to bring a heightened awareness or definition around who you’re serving and what value you’re applying.”

“It’s not just a linear path from start to finish. There are multiple ways that you need to think about the relationship with the customer.”

 “I believe so much of the success of these businesses come back to the product. Is the product a delightful experience?… I try to really look at what are the product dynamics here and are customers going to be delighted and love this is there some segment of customers who will be delighted and love this? And then marketing’s job is really to one, make sure you understand your USPs and where do you differentiate so you can get those types of customers in and to really be smart about where is this going to fit, where it’s going to be this the segment of the population that’s going to be delighted and then being able to tell that story.” 

“One of the things I counsel folks in, especially in these high-velocity business going outbound is you have to be patient with it and you have to help set expectations of the board. There are some companies that have the right product that they can do this, but all we know all sorts of products aren’t created equal. And so the bottom line is it’s going to take longer than you think and it’s going to be more expensive than you think.” 


Frazier Miller graduated from Dartmouth University and received his MBA from Harvard Business School. Prior to becoming the CMO of Wrike, Frazier had a long career at companies such as Forrester Research, Yahoo!, SurveyMonkey and more. 

 According to the Wrike website, Frazier “leads Wrike’s marketing initiatives, aligning all marketing functions to strategic messaging and brand development. In his 20-year career in technology, he’s served in executive leadership roles at companies like Yahoo, Bloomspot and Articulate. Frazier’s breadth of experience in product and operations gives him a unique perspective on how teams can excel in operationally-intensive environments. He is a frequent speaker on Operational Excellence and its guiding principles.”


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