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Do you remember Yellowbook? If you do, it’s probably because of the work that Gordon Henry did while he was CMO of the company. During his tenure, he helped the company from $500M to $2B in revenues and he took the company into the digital world pushing from doing less than $10M to nearly $250M in online business. Clearly, he’s got some marketing chops and he’s using them now as the Chief Strategy Officer at Thryv, Inc. Today, Gordon is focused on helping small businesses grow and succeed and on this episode of Marketing Trends, he explains how Thryv is making that possible.

3 Takeaways:

Small businesses have to find ways to compete with the big organizations which are leading the way in marketing and ease-of-doing-business

– People still need leads, but they need those leads to be filtered and connected through software

– Cost per lead is the most important metric a small business should focus on, and you have to be willing to advertise in ways other than just what’s most popular

Key Quotes:

“We all live on our smartphone and bigger businesses have gotten amazingly good at communicating with people through their smartphone. But small business not so much. They’re very good at fixing your roof or mowing your lawn or painting your walls or what have you, but they’re not great marketers and they’re definitely not great at using technology to market to their consumers.”

“Customers really loved [Yellowbook]. They loved having a choice.”

“Customers still need leads. You still need their phone to ring. And we do that. But what’s different now is we take those leads and we actually inject them into the software. So if you’re looking at your phone as Thryv customer, you automatically have your CRM populated with all the leads we just generated for you. And you can automatically communicate with those customers through email or text and start to work on projects.”

“At the end of the day, we tell customers that really what you should be measuring is your cost per lead…. We have ways to deliver them leads that are much more efficient, including in print, by the way. Because print is seen as out of Vogue, the cost of print advertising has gone way down. And yet, there are still people who use it….So it’s not as simple as just saying, ‘What’s a popular media today?’” 

“Our goal is really to give the small business who is pretty untechnical a way to have a very similar experience to the one that a consumer is expecting from the big business.”

Thryv Bio:

Gordon Henry, chief strategy officer and executive vice president, joined Thryv (formerly DexYP) from Walsh Partners, where he served as senior advisor.

Prior to his tenure at Walsh Partners, Gordon was vice president and general manager at Deluxe Corp where he led the company’s transformation to a provider of Internet marketing services for SMBs. He managed a $150 million Web services portfolio and led the acquisition of OrangeSoda and VerticalResponse.

Gordon’s experience also includes his time as chief marketing officer for Yellowbook, where he managed print and online products for the company’s 700,000 advertisers and 5,000-member sales force. Gordon was credited with building the company’s brand into a household name. During his tenure, Yellowbook grew from $500 million in revenues to $2 billion and their online revenue grew from under $10 million to $250 million.

Gordon received his Bachelor of Arts from Yale University and his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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