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Alison Murdock is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Trusted CMO, a firm that helps early-stage companies get to market. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Alison shares some of the common mistakes she sees from companies  kick-starting their marketing journey. Plus, she dives into how virtual events are becoming more than just keynotes, and why it’s time for CMOs to understand what their real role is.

Key Takeaways:

  • Think strategically from Day 1. Marketing is a core business strategy and should be apart of the discussion during the building process, not just at product launch.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. Relying exclusively on someone else’s marketing model is a recipe for disaster. Your strategy needs to be personalized to embrace your product and embody your brand.
  • Grab the pom poms. Don’t forget one of the most crucial roles as CMO – to be the company cheerleader. Part of a CMO’s responsibility is to spread the good news.

Key Quotes:

There is a fundamental lack of understanding about what marketing is or isn’t. …Marketing is a business strategy. When you build a business, you have a product that people will either buy or not buy. You have to tell them about your product, and you have to make it a pleasurable experience to do business with them.”

“As a startup, what is it that you need to make marketing work? What is your business? Who are your customers? How will you go to market? So the strategy and the planning, there’s no one size fits all.”

“Adoption, this is the largest topic right now amongst marketers. Adoption is not a given and I think what happens in these companies is they do not see marketing as part of that strategic conversation about how to build the product. And I really think that’s wrong because marketers understand psychology. They understand the importance of brand interactions.”

“Virtual events are here to stay, and there will be more creative formats that mimic what one might do in a classroom, that will become part of the virtual event.” 

“People want good news and your job as a marketer is to bring good news.”


Alison Murdock is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Trusted CMO, and the former CMO of SocialChorus. Prior to that, she lead marketing at Verto Analytics and was part of the early team at 6sense. 

Alison has a long history of building marketing functions and teams at startup companies. Currently she advises other companies on the best ways to grow awareness and increase demand at every stage.

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