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The stakes when it comes to online sports gambling are higher than ever — literally. Millions of consumers around the world log in daily to check spreads, place wagers, and hope their team not only wins, but also covers the spread. Mike Raffensperger is the CMO of FanDuel Group, an online sportsbook that is betting big when it comes to gambling. Mike joined Marketing Trends to discuss a host of topics, including why content marketing is bigger than any piece of advertising, the need to aggressively pursue authentic experiences, and much more.

Key Takeaways:

  • More Channels, More Problems: You can no longer operate in a single channel. If you are going to be in the content business, the variety and intensity of different platforms you operate within has to match how consumers are digesting your content, which is through multiple channels.
  • Experiences over Advertising: Invest in content and experiences that are authentic, memorable and engaging that consumers continually seek out. If your consumers are reliably coming back, and constantly have a pleasant experience, it’s more powerful than any piece of advertising you can buy. 
  • Content is King: Your content needs to both educate and entertain. Provide the consumer with something they can’t get anywhere else. Constantly educate them on new ways to engage with your brand and your platform.
  • Key Quotes:

“The variety and intensity of different platforms that people consume content on is shocking to have to keep up with. It’s not just TikTok and Instagram, but YouTube and Twitch.” 

“We want content, we want promotions, and we want experiences in our apps that are very explicitly built for [consumers] and help them learn more about [sports gambling] and get comfortable with it and have risk-free experiences to try it and have fun.”

“The three key tranches are how we would tackle content that we invest in and make ourselves, that we make with great partners that have authentic relationships with our audience, and distribution to help make sure that content gets seen.”

“Too much concentration is not going to produce the right outcomes, and a portfolio of content investments in some ways is very similar.”

“We want to have world-class, innovative experiences, which I’m really proud that we’ve delivered on a lot of fronts. We want the kind of content that backs that up. We do think about the matrix and the chessboard editorially, and then also from a platform and distribution perspective, making sure that we are in the places that people want to consume.”

“Where we have delivered on our promise to our customers is we’ve focused on making sports gaming or sports betting fun.”

“As much as I can, I try to recognize that good ideas can come from anywhere within our company, anywhere within our partners. We can’t make everything happen all the time, but I think we try to be as open to that as we possibly can.”

“I really believe in investing in things that are more authentic experiences that people seek out and get excited about and want to consume relative to raw advertising, which can be great and can make people aware, but it’s sort of tangential to the content itself.” 


Mike Raffensperger is an award-winning strategist, creator and unabashed geek.

He is the author of two best-selling books and a leading expert in digital media and marketing. A frequent author, speaker and analyst, Mike has written and spoken extensively on topics of branded entertainment, digital marketing and digital programming. He regularly serves as a guest lecturer at New York University’s Institute in Entertainment and Events Marketing and as a mentor at the Bay Area Video Coalition Producer’s Institute, a MacArthur Foundation-funded residency program for independent producers and public broadcasters. He has designed curriculum for and teaches coursework at General Assembly, a leading New York City technology entrepreneurship incubator and educational community. He and his work have been featured on MSNBC, Fox News, Techcrunch, Mashable, The Huffington Post, AdWeek, AdAge and Forbes.

Mike sits on the Interactive Media Peer Group within the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (the organization that bestows the Emmy Awards), is a voting member of The International Academy of Web Television and is a Fellow with the Punch Sulzberger Media Executive Residency at Columbia University. He has been honored with a multiple Webby Awards for his pioneering work in the early development of web television, as well as a Sports Emmy Award nomination for his contribution to the advancement of streaming television and sports coverage vis-à-vis the NFL Sunday Ticket mobile app.

Clients include: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Showtime, ABC, NBC, DreamWorks Animation, JPMorgan Chase, TIAA CREF and The Associated Press.

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