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The saying, “cash is king,” might have finally met its match in 2020. As more and more businesses and banks push their business toward eCommerce and digital transactions, the result is the further shunning of physical cash., One CMO is hoping to cash in on that trend, if you will, by capitalizing on every single swipe of the credit card thanks to a little help from A.I.

“We thought, what if we use AI technology embedded on our cards? So when you scan [the card], you’ll get personalized offerings and content? That will help customers to get offers faster and in one offline innovative space, as well as on our side, we’ll optimize our marketing spend.”

Those are the words of Levan Gomshiashvili, the CMO of Bank of Georgia, and his example of card-linked marketing is a look at how his marketing team hopes to stay ahead of the curve in 2021. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Levan details what else is on the table this year, including how his team works with the product development and sales teams to create winning products and strategies in order to meet the customers where they need them most. Plus, Levan discusses how marketers can stay ahead of the curve, even when their budget might be cut.

Main Takeaways:

  • Card-Linked Marketing: Marketers are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to create a more personalized experience for their clients. A developing avenue that Bank of Georgia is pursuing card-linked marketing. By using demographic data from purchases, bank marketers can now create a clearer overall picture of each individual customer, while pushing messaging and promotions that are more effective to what the customer needs and wants
  • So You Want to Be a TikTok Star: It’s more important than ever that your messaging reaches your target audience. When it comes to your digital messaging efforts, work to make sure you are reaching them on the channels that they are already engaging with. If your audience is on TikTok, shift your digital strategy to meet them on that platform, but don’t get too comfortable. You have to constantly be exploring new platforms and environments in order to keep your content and messaging timely, while appealing to your base audience.
  • Don’t Overthink It: As marketing budgets shrink due to the fallout from 2020, marketers need to double down on the tactics and strategies that worked for them in 2020. If digital channels were a huge success for your brand, focus on those channels and products that the customers have already told you they need and want.

Key Quotes:

“I don’t think that any other brand probably has as much a responsibility toward the country of Georgia as the Bank of Georgia has.”

“We think about marketing as how we can bring value to our customers apart from product services to inspiring communication and branded advertising, et cetera. We just want to bring value to our customers and to give them the products and services they need and they want, in the manner that will be real easy for them.”

“We don’t have any boundaries in terms of marketing. We just think about what will be interesting for the customer.” 

“Even though we are a top of mind bank in all age groups, we are extensively [popular] amongst 18 to 24 year olds. So we tend to always explore new environments, places, interests, hobbies that we look at to provide better offerings to them while measuring the level of interest in engagement from a customer’s point of view.  We understood that pretty much the only channel we haven’t been on for this age group was TikTok.”

“The worst thing that could happen to a marketer, or to a brand, is to lose relevance.”

“We will double down on our digitalization because we’ve been really successful in that area and the success came from what customers need and want. We reached absolutely new heights in that area. Our digital channels and products will take up much of our time in 2021.”


Levan Gomshiashvili is the Chief Marketing Officer for the Bank of Georgia. Previously, he served as a co-founder and CMO of HOLMES&WATSON. Levan has a degree in management from Saint Petersburg State University of Finance and Economics and a master’s degree in management from The University of Edinburgh.

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