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Michael Anderson is the Chief Growth Officer at boodleAI, where they are putting A.I. and machine learning to work to help organizations acquire and retain donors, consumers, and investors. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Michael takes us through the work boodleAI is doing and why predictive analytics can be helpful to your growth. Plus, he explains the need for simplicity in your messaging and the critical reason why sales and marketing need to always be aligned.

3 Takeaways:

– Brand awareness, especially for start-up tech companies looking to grow, is one the essential conversation starters when it comes to sales.

– Growth Marketing is a strategy that both large companies and start-ups are moving towards but their approaches are fundamentally different. Whereas one has a chief growth officer who oversees everyone who serves a customer base, the other has a much smaller but highly skilled staff who can serve multiple roles.

– BoodleAI takes a machine learning approach that is highly precise and leverages large points of data to find the best prospects, becoming a critical tool for sales professionals and development directors.

Key Quotes:

“When you work for a big publicly traded IT services company, marketing means something very different. It’s still very powerful, very important. But, marketing for a tech startup is your absolute lifeblood. And starting a business or growing a business really requires some level of brand awareness, some level of brand presence.” 

“What we’re doing is taking a proper machine learning approach to solving some of these problems for our customers. And we’re also leveraging external data and finding things that are features that are predictive of a person’s behavior that you don’t really find when you’re pulling a prospect list out of a CRM and you’re trying to figure out as a salesperson or as a development officer, okay, who are my first 10 phone calls today?”

“Being able to take a massive amount of data and really look at it in a way in which you find meaningful features that are predictive of someone’s behavior to enable the salesperson, the development officer to help raise more money or make more sales is a pretty powerful thing. And that’s what we’re in the business of doing.”

“I’m just going to say it; this is the low hanging fruit in the A.I. world right now. And this is the stuff that people can act on now and the tools are doing a good job of acting on or creating actual insights now.” 

“Having these conversations about how we can make the best use of your data and help you make the best use of it quickly and precisely is the reason that our business has grown really, really quickly and I think they’ll really continue to grow in the nonprofit space.”

“What enables success in a startup is having a company full of people, even if it’s five, 10, 15 people, that are very curious about how to reach and acquire new customers. And everybody’s in the same boat in terms of trying to find good customers whose problems fit your product or service concerns.”

“Keeping sales and marketing hand-in-hand and on the same page, driving towards the same customer objectives, and the same kind of customer acquisition objectives. I think it’s just really important.”


Michael Anderson is the Chief Growth Officer and CFO of a cutting edge business to consumers predictive analytics company that leverages proven AI/machine learning to rapidly model the untapped data sitting in your organization, along with billions of third-party data points, to help you achieve significant lifts in customer acquisition, retention, and engagement rates.

Before joining the private sector, Mike served as an Army officer in the 101st Airborne Division. He received his BS in Systems Engineering from West Point, and MS and MBA degrees from the University of Virginia.

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