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This episode features an interview with Matt C’de Baca (LinkedIn | Twitter), Managing Director at Renaissance Leadership. Matt has more than 15 years of experience in talent acquisition and executive recruiting. On this episode, he talks about how to succeed as a marketing executive, the most in-demand talents and abilities, and how to find purpose in your work.

Matt’s current role and responsibilities – (03:00)
- Matt has spent 15 years in talent acquisition and executive recruiting.
- Matt helps companies to be more thoughtful about who they bring in but also how they engage talent.
- “The reality is that KPIs and pressure to perform are such that not enough time is spent on mentorship, development, and growth mindset.”
- Performance is important, but companies don’t talk about purpose enough.

Hiring and growing a CMO – (12:00)
- “One of the most unmined sources within organizations is people.”
- What a company needs in a CMO role is going to change depending on who their other executives are, who their founders are, and what stage their company is at.
- Sometimes it’s not the worst thing to have a CMO that only lasts 24 months. Sometimes a company grows faster than a CMO.
- The companies who do really well are those who invest in people, and try to give them different functions so they can learn and grow.
- “We’ve got to give people the space to screw up and make mistakes. Where would rock and roll be, where would the NFL be, if we didn’t give coaches opportunities to make mistakes and then try it again?”

How to market yourself as a marketer – (33:00)
- “Marketers do an amazing jobs in their varying functions at companies. They do a poor job marketing themselves.”
- You need to tap into what you know and understand your strengths and what you can do. Be confident in those strengths and abilities.
- Marketing leaders should come forward with their own job description, and help CEOs understand what functions need to be accomplished in order to meet their goals.
- “You’ve got to evangelize. You can’t assume everybody knows what your priorities are.”
- At nine-to-ten months there is often a decision made by a marketing leader and they either re-commit or they start the slow transition out of a company.
- An organization needs to think about their timeline for success, and then they can match with marketers’ talents and skills based off that.
- People need to take the time to have thoughtful conversations about their actual strengths.
- Everything doesn’t need to happen for you all at once. It’s okay to slow down and learn one skillset at a time.

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