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How many drinks does it take to get to .08? That single question lingers in the minds of consumers everywhere after a few drinks. What if the answer was just a few breaths away? What if you never again had to guess about your ability to safely drive home? That’s the world Shawn Casey is trying to create with BACtrack. Shawn is the VP of Marketing at BACtrack, and on this episode of Marketing Trends, he discusses how he is working to build brand awareness and how to capitalize on content your audience is connecting with.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tailored to You: When you’re an eCommerce store, you have an opportunity to personalize the experience to your customers. Look at what pages they are viewing, what content they are looking for, and then tailor the experience to them.
  • Make Content that Resonates with the Audience: Sometimes content you least expect to work is your biggest driving force. Make sure your content has a purpose that fits your audience. If it’s impactful and meaningful, your audience will find it and engage.
  • Building Awareness: One of the biggest hurdles for BACtrack has been finding ways to build awareness around consumer breathalyzers. The best way to overcome that? Go straight to the consumer and test  products in real-life situations with real-life people.
  • Key Quotes:

“After I joined BACtrack I realized, ‘Hey, it’s great. It’s a small company. We’ve got a lot of good things going, but also, we create products that are saving people’s lives.’”

“The main hurdle we see is that most people don’t know breathalyzers exist for consumer use. Despite our best marketing efforts, 70% of the country don’t know that personal breathalyzers exist.”

“Obviously drunk driving is a huge problem in our country and it’s not being solved. We’re trying to say, ‘Hey, you don’t need to be an alcoholic to have a breathalyzer. Everyone …should have a breathalyzer. Start with responsible drinking habits rather than trying to correct them later.”

“The main way that we try to combat [lack of awareness], is to use our marketing and use our products in situations where people are drinking and that a breathalyzer might be beneficial to them.”

“Whether it’s comparing consumption rates and body weight or looking for connections that may not be obvious, you have all this data, why not look at it and see if we can find other ways to help people as well?”

“We’ve really identified the question, ‘How many drinks to 0.08?’ We get almost a hundred thousand visitors to our website on this one blog article on that question every month.”

“We can see what pages consumers are looking at on the website. So we are trying to have a unified view of where people are coming from, the pages they are looking at, what content they’re looking at, and what email we send them. Being in eCommerce, there’s amazing tools available to really tailor your marketing toward a specific customer.”


Shawn Casey is a veteran internet marketing professional with experience in directly managing the multi-million dollar online advertising campaigns of Fortune 500 companies, across multiple channels including Google AdWords/GDN, Microsoft/Yahoo! Bing, Facebook and Twitter. A web-savvy entrepreneur backed by an MBA education, Shawn can not only plan, implement and optimize a winning internet marketing strategy, but also help grow your business from the ground up, both online and off. Currently Shawn serves as the Vice President of Marketing at BACtrack.

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