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They say two is better than one, so it stands to reason that three is better than two, right? Well, you can ask Jason Clark that question because he has not one, not two, but three roles at Netskope. Officially, Jason is the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, and what that means is that he is responsible for the marketing, security and strategy teams. Luckily, Jason has incredible people working with him to lighten the load, but that doesn’t make the work he does simple. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Jason takes us behind the scenes of life at Netskope and what it means to market and provide security transformations to companies around the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • I Was You: When what you’re trying to sell is security, it’s hard to not fall into the trap of being alarmist. You don’t want to scare potential customers, instead you want to empathize with them. One way to do that is by bringing in former CIOs to sell to CIOs, because someone who is sitting in that leadership position is much more likely to listen to someone who was once in his or her shoes than a typical salesperson.
  • Howdy, Partner: In terms of security, for the most part everyone is fighting the same enemy. That makes it prudent to find and work with best-in-class partners to provide even more protection to the customers you are working with. And when you work with good partners, everyone in the partnership — including the customer — wins in the end. 
  • The Link Between CSOs and CMOs: While the head of security and head of marketing might not seem like two people who have a lot in common, the truth is that both of those roles boil down to one idea: trust. CSOs need to build trust in the security and the team they have built and CMOs need to build trust among customers. As such, the two roles should be much more connected and rely on each other more.
  • Key Quotes:

“Every company is trying to do digital transformation, but they can’t really digitally transform without also transforming a security team. And so we’re enabling that modernization security program in a cloud and data centric way.”

“That the thing that I have an allergic reaction to is the, ‘Hey, let me spend five slides telling you, the history of my company.’ right. You lost me right away. I already picked up my phone and started doing email. You have to grab my attention in those first 30 seconds and the people that were the most successful with me were the ones that established trust quickly. How you establish and accelerate trust becomes extremely important. It’s the words you use. It’s the mannerisms, it’s how you back up what you say.”

“Marketing teams focus way too much on the activity level and not the quality of and the value of what they’re producing.”

“We’ve had a lot of success with our partners, whether it’s channel partner or Alliance partner. We have an Alliance partnership with CrowdStrike and with Okta as an example, and the fact that these three best-of-breed next-gen players are aligning together to take on the legacy players, all of a sudden, we each gain credibility from each other as well.”

“We’re the ones that want to make their life easier and better because the reality is the CSO’s job is one of the toughest jobs in the entire world. Everybody’s gunning for them… it’s very tough and they need friends. They need people helping them who are on their side and that’s what they’re looking for. Because it’s a lonely job, too. And so as we market to them, that’s what they’re looking for.”

“[The CMO and CSO roles] are both enabling the business through creating trust with clients, and in the job of acquiring and retaining profitable customers, they both have a very significant function in that. So I’d say trust is the word that starts to intertwine them. In the end they can benefit and leverage each other in a significant way. The role of the CSO should be tapping into the CMO a lot more to better market internally about their program.”


Jason Clark brings decades of experience executing successful strategic security programs and business strategies to Netskope as Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer. Prior to joining Netskope, Jason held executive roles at The New York Times, Emerson, Raytheon/Websense and Optiv, Inc.

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