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Sydney Sloan didn’t fall into marketing accidentally. She always wanted to be in the field and she has been finding success as a marketer ever since graduating from USC. Currently, Sydney is the CMO of SalesLoft, a rapidly-growing start-up, which is constantly changing and challenging itself to keep reaching new heights. One of the main ways she’s helped that happen is by introducing marketing automation. She talks about that process as well as why it’s so important to focus on the customer journey, and much more.

3 Takeaways:

The entire company should be aligned on your go-to-market strategy

– Peer-review sites and speaking directly to customers is an excellent way to reengage and gather potential material for future products and campaigns

– The CMO should have full visibility of and involvement in how campaigns are impacting the pipeline

Key Quotes:

“I don’t know how, as a marketing leader, you can be able to be successful if you don’t have alignment and you don’t know what the go-to-market strategy is.”

“This is all about the product experience. It’s about making sure that we are putting our customers and our users first and doing the necessary work, not only to build a great product and industry-leading product, but to make sure the customers that we do have are enjoying that.” 

“As a marketer, you have the unique opportunity to be able to be the steward of the customer experience across all the different touchpoints. And you want to align your company and your services to the customer experience, not the other way around.”

“We love hearing the voice of the customer and being able to take those testimonials and reuse them in new and different ways than just the old case study or video testimonial.”

“If you’re not looking at all of the campaigns that you’re running to see how they’re converting into pipeline and ideally closed one, then there’s an opportunity to get more involved there….As marketers, we have to understand how our investments are paying off and we need to be able to look at the success of what we’re investing in all the way through closed one and upsell if you can.”


Sydney Sloan is an accomplished marketing executive with deep experience across customer experience, product marketing, demand generation and communications. Sydney brings passion, skill and a customer-centric focus to drive tangible results. She has a strong track record of building global teams and bringing new products to market as she is able to link business strategies through execution and customer adoption. A creative, solutions-driven and achievement-oriented individual experienced in developing and executing marketing strategies to build awareness and generate demand across a variety of customer and industry segments.

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