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Before the internet and before social media, PR accomplishments were measured in front pages stories and how many headlines you could garner. Today, thanks to the internet and social media, managing your voice and understanding how to effectively reach your audience has changed. Kimberly Jefferson is the Vice President of BLASTmedia and on this episode of Marketing Trends, she explained how to navigate through the challenging world of PR in 2020, including why smaller companies need to understand how to manage their voice, and how being transparent and communicating effectively during a crisis will pay-off in the long run.

3 Takeaways:

PR is more than putting out press releases. If you’re just putting out press releases, you aren’t doing PR

– When navigating through a crisis, companies need to be transparent and empathetic 

– Small companies can’t compete against big brands. You have to find your niche, dig in and win there 

Key Quotes:

“Oftentimes people think media relations or PR is just putting out press releases. And if that’s your strategy, then I would say you’re not doing PR. You’re just issuing press releases, which basically anyone can do.”

“Doing things that not only move their company forward but their industry forward is now what’s expected of PR, versus just screaming about yourself into a void of people that don’t care.”

“We’re always pitching our clients podcasts that are fitting because there’s a podcast for everything, and it has a very specific audience.”

“Every business is beholden to investors and their employees and their customers to keep the lights on. Right now, stopping selling is not an option. But capitalizing and making money off the back of a crisis is something that we’re trying to make sure our clients understand the ramifications of from a brand perspective and from a human perspective.”

“Everything that we would normally tell [clients] is just heightened. And more eyeballs should be on things than there were before to make sure that everything that is going out internal or externally is what you would want to be a representation to be of your business.”

“If you’re talking to retail, you better be giving them information that helps them get through their crisis now. So thought leadership that gives them tips for or something that actually helps now, or you shouldn’t be communicating to that vertical.”

“Every founder believes that their company is the greatest, has the best story. Their software is going to change the world. They have to believe that to be crazy enough to start a software company. So we spend a lot of time using data, information, and research to show our clients what will work with the media. And sometimes we just need to try it.”

“We’re constantly telling our clients, what can you say that is unique from you? And a reporter couldn’t just go find on their own.”

“[Smaller] companies are going to lose that battle against big brands if they’re only focusing on share of voice or volume. You’re never going to have the same budget the service now has.”

“Find your niche and get rich.”

As Vice President, Kimberly Jefferson manages and maintains BLASTmedia’s PR account teams. BLASTmedia is a national B2B SaaS PR agency that takes a holistic approach to public relations, affecting multiple business levels. Through impactful media coverage, content development, and thought leadership, they influence customers, employees and investors to listen, trust and act. Jefferson has been with BLASTmedia since 2010. Prior to joining the company she held a position with Colliers International and also worked as a news correspondent with the Indianapolis Business Journal.

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