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More data is being generated than ever before, and as data grows, so does the need to analyze and understand it quickly. To find-out how marketers can better take advantage of real-time data, we brought in Jennifer Grant (LinkedIn | Twitter), CMO of Looker, a business intelligence platform that helps people explore, analyze, and share data insights.

On this episode, Jen sits down with Ian Faison and Lauren Vaccarello, co-hosts of Marketing Trends, to discuss her marketing journey, the origins of Looker, and the future of real-time business intelligence.

From Google to Box to Looker - (3:00)
- Jen ended up at Google and Box through a network of women she was a part of.
- While working on Gmail and Google Drive, she was approached by a mentor of hers and told that she had to come to Box. So she did.
- Jen was more thoughtful when choosing to come to Looker.
- "I'm always looking for a combination of a product that is serving customers so well that they are actively talking about how much they love it, but on the flip side, [the company doesn't] have the messaging to really explain why they are so passionate about the product. That's the sweet spot of marketing." - Jen Grant

Advancing in a Marketing Career - (8:00)
- Lauren Vacarello, co-host of Marketing Trends, points out those great moments of serendipity early in your career.
- Jen agrees, emphasizing that obstacles that seem upsetting in the moment often lead to even better opportunities.
- Her advice to upcoming marketers is to remember that as you advance in your career, the relationships and ability to execute of the executive team becomes critical to your happiness and your ability to succeed.
- "Early in your career, it's easier to jump into a great company and make waves and do great things and get promoted. But once you're a VP or at the C-level, your success is really intertwined with whether these people you work with will work with you." - Jen Grant

Looker and Business Intelligence - (17:30)
- "Everyone needs data to do their jobs better. Data may not be their job, but they need data to be better at their job." - Jen Grant
- At Looker, Jen is working to make data operational and integrating business intelligence real-time in your workflow, rather than a historical, backward facing tool.
- "The power of being able to have reliable, accurate data is so important. If you have that confidence of delivering the numbers, there's so much more you can do as a marketer." - Jen Grant
- However, Jen notes that it was important to resist the urge as marketers to get so stuck in the data that you forget to interact with people in real life.
- "We can't miss [human interaction]. And we can't miss the story and the narrative." - Lauren Vacarello

Customer Experience - (32:00)
- Proof of concept is the origin of Looker. Jen tells the story of founder Lloyd Tabb running demos for early customers, and how many of those customers were so impressed that they became employees.
- "We can say all those things (about insights, centralization, etc.), but the minute we show you something in your data you've never seen before, then we really hooked you on why this is different from anything else." - Jen Grant
- Another thing Jen is excited about is customer experience, especially when it comes to the things you can't quantify.
- At Looker, customer-facing employees are empowered with small "delight budgets" to express creativity in their customer relationships.

Pardot Lightning Round - (50:00)
- Favorite app: Zombies Run
- Favorite Bay area getaway: Santa Cruz beach
- Favorite book: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
- Most excited about for the future of marketing: "Customer experience. It's such an expansion from what we're normally asked to do."

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