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Josh Golden (LinkedIn | Twitter) is the publisher and president of Ad Age. He has also served in senior marketing positions with companies like Xerox and NBC Universal.

On this episode, Josh, Ian, and Lauren talk about keeping up with disruption, why marketing is more difficult than it has ever been, and Josh shares his experience working on the OJ Simpson trial.

Ad Age and Disruption - (1:45)
- Why Josh initially told the former president that he thought he was the wrong man for the job.
- “With the environment of disruption that we’re living in, if you are not constantly looking at the things that are changing and how to stay on top of them and, you will lose.” - Josh Golden
- Josh believes the amount of disruption will only increase, and Ad Age is a voice that helps people navigate this increasing disruption.
- “You need to do all the things you’re afraid of doing.” - Rance Crain to Josh Golden.
- “So much of the negativity that ends up on social media and that fear mongering is just so counterproductive. If you're covering a tech beat, you should be fired up about it, and if you’re covering advertising, you should be fired up about it.” - Ian Faison

Josh’s Work on the O.J. Simpson Trial - (13:40)
- He got a job producing video for the prosecution right out of college.
- Why, and how, Josh got a group of 12 lawyers, from opposing sides of the case, to squeeze into a closet together.
- How that experience gave him leadership experience at a young age.

Do Marketers Have It Easy, or Hard? - (17:35)
- According to Josh, marketers have it harder than ever before, because there is so much noise to cut through.
- “I truly believe that there's two options in the world of marketing. Either you get promoted or fired and that's it.” - Josh Golden
- “I mean, if you kind of look at the Super Bowl ads that we saw this year - just talk about advertising only. It is really hard to see, ‘What's the impact for sure? What do you know you're gonna get with that? With the $5 million you're going to spend, and plus the $3 or $4 million in production?’ It is hard. So, I would say that the noisiness is making the job much more difficult than it has been.” - Josh Golden
- Marketers need to master both brand and performance marketing.
- “Marketing is always a long-term game. A lot of times you have to hit short term results, you have to have certain milestones and targets, but you have to maintain a long-term mindset." - Ian Faison

Lightning Round - (32:20)
- Favorite vacation spot: Ubud, Bali
- Favorite recent book: Imagine It Forward by Beth Comstock, and the writings of Daniel Pink
- Best advice for a first-time-CMO: Josh uses a skiing analogy and tells them to “lean down the hill.” He also tells them to surround themselves with a great team that they can trust.

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