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This episode of Marketing Trends features an interview with Justin Shriber (Linkedin: /justinshriber | Twitter: @jshriber). Justin is the Vice President of Marketing for LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Solutions.

On this episode Justin discusses how sales and marketing are starting to converge, and what that means for marketers. He also talks about how to build trust and create engaging content for your audience.

Justin's Background and Current Role - (2:00)
- Started in product management roles.
- The common thread to Justin's career has been engaging with customers, understanding their pain, and developing solutions.
- What Justin does for LinkedIn and what LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Solutions provides.

Convergence of Sales & Marketing - (9:05)
- Data backs up the assertion that marketing and sales are converging: Prevalence of the "Chief Revenue Officer" title is up 80% and 85+% of people would rather use self-serve solutions than talk to someone.
- More and more marketers are gaining full funnel responsibilities.
- Why it is so crucial to drive the correct metrics. Empty clicks can harm a marketing campaign.
- Justin gets deep into the Xs and Os of how he calculates liftime value and customer acquisition costs.

Building Audience Trust - (17:57)
- When buyers and sellers are asked to identify the most important attribute to deliver, they both choose trust.
- Justin's keys to building trust? Audience, Environment, and Engagement.

Creating Great Content - (26:04)
- The level of content on LinkedIn, and also elsewhere, is constantly improving.
- Video as a platform and a form of expression is growing exponentially.
- How LinkedIn balances engaging content while also limiting click-bait.

Justin's Favorite Campaign Ever - (31:05)
- How a high-engagement ABM campaign was able to break through the noise.
- This campaign combined real-time collateral with a personalized LinkedIn message and relevant content delivered via email.
- "It is no longer tolerable to have a generic experience. The era we are in now is personalized relationships at scale. It combines technology and the personalized touch in order to help you to become a true partner to the folks you want to engage with."
- Lightning Round

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[bctt tweet="It is no longer tolerable to have a generic experience. - @jshriber #marketingtrends"]
[bctt tweet="The era we are in now requires personalized relationships at scale. - @jshriber #marketingtrends"]

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