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They say who you know is as important as what you know, and that’s as true for marketers as it is for anyone else. So how can marketers go about creating world-class networks? To find out, we talked to Karen Wickre (LinkedIn | Twitter), author of Taking the Work Out of Networking: Your Guide to Making and Keeping Great Connections. Karen has an extensive background in both networking and marketing, having served as the Editorial Director at Twitter and the Senior Media Liaison for global communications and public affairs at Google

On this episode of Marketing Trends, Karen shares insights from her book, talks about best practices for networking, and also shares some insights about content marketing and marketing leadership.

3 Key Takeaways:

– Your network is your currency. If you don’t have connections you won’t achieve success, even if you are personally brilliant.

– Networking isn’t just about making direct connections for yourself, it’s also about connecting others who can help each other.

– Deep connections are important, but “keeping in light touch” is also a crucial component of any networking strategy.

Key Quotes

“Editing is a hugely underrated skill to have, especially now. Everything around you is raw material and needs to be shaped into something.”

“Your owned content is a repository of what you’re doing and what you’re about.”

“I think that’s the huge misunderstanding of like social media in general is we just try to shoehorn our stuff into the medium rather than finding someone really creative on your team that could like bring that channel to life.” – Ian

“If there’s no pipeline for collecting success stories, then you’re in trouble.”

“Your network is your currency. If you are a brilliant PM or coder or marketer, but you had no connections, it wouldn’t amount to much.”

“A lot of times networking is really tied in people’s minds to a job hunt. And so then they feel needy and vulnerable and like the clock is ticking. So they have to sort of prostrate themselves to somebody and say, ‘Please, help me.’ And it doesn’t have to be that way.”


Karen Wickre is a veteran connector, editor, and communicator, and has worked in and around Silicon Valley long enough to have appeared in WIRED 1.4. (Even before that, she wrote one of the very first guides to what used to be called “the World Wide Web,” and now it’s an amusing relic of a more innocent time.) As a corporate writer, she has developed stories, styles, and cadence for Google, Twitter, and many other startups. As an early Googler (she joined when there were 500 employees and left nine years later when there were 50,000), she has been in her share of war rooms and fire drills, and has crafted scores of posts covering products and pivots, shakeups, corporate apologies and company culture. More recently she has advised a range of companies that want a strategy (or a reality check) on their messages and the content they produce.




Taking the Work Out of Networking

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