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With more than seven years of experience in direct patient care, Kathy English (LinkedIn | Twitter) knows a thing or two about finding and resolving pain points. Now, as CMO of Vocera, a healthcare technology company, she’s solving pain points of a different type. On this episode, Kathy talks about how to find, diagnose, and resolve pain points, her best advice for a first time CMO, and much more.

3 Key Takeaways:

– Marketers should start by addressing pain points, not promoting a product or technology.

– Customer stories resonate because they allow prospects to see positive outcomes.

– Great marketers stay focused on the mission of their brand.

Key Quotes

“Keeping your life in the hospital as quiet and un-chaotic as possible from a patient perspective is what we’re all about.”

“They don’t want to hear, ‘I’ve got this widget and you need to buy it.’ They want to hear how you have a solution that solves the problems that they’re experiencing every day.”

“You have to lead with the customer story. If you don’t, you’ll get kicked out.”

“You have to be emotional and to get that human story out to get people’s attention, especially when they’re getting three or four hundred emails a day.”


Kathy D. English joined Vocera in February 2016 as the vice president of marketing. After seeing how breakdowns in communication put her patients, fellow clinicians, and hospital at risk, she designed her career to help improve care team communication and workflow. Kathy’s passion for creativity stems from her love of music and engaging with people. 

In addition to a proven track record in global solution marketing and communications, Kathy has more than seven years of experience in direct patient care and nursing management in critical care, surgery and oncology, earning a nursing degree from George Mason University. She was honored as one of the 100 Women of Influence for 2018 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

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