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When it comes to building a team, marketers often place the majority of their focus on getting the right people. But putting those people in a role and situation where they can succeed is just as important, according to Katrina Wong (LinkedIn | Twitter), VP of Marketing at Hired.

On this episode of Marketing Trends, Katrina discusses how to build a team with a growth mindset. She also discusses other important topics like the convergence of B2B and B2C marketing, using performance language, and much more.

5 Key Takeaways:
- Don't think in B2B or B2C, think in B2H (business to human). Every buyer is a human with emotions and a desire to be "delighted."
- Performance language is a practice that allows marketers to create a culture of accountability.
- It's important to have a growth mindset. Look for ways to improve, even when you're succeeding.
- In order for data and insights to be useful, they have to be digestible by stakeholders outside of marketing.
- It takes very purposeful effort to find diverse talent.

Bio: Katrina Wong is the VP of Marketing at Hired. She has spent 15+ years in a variety of customer facing roles including marketing, go-to-market, and revenue growth for B2b and B2B2C SaaS and Enterprise software companies.

Notes & Quotes:
Katrina's Start in Marketing - (2:30)
- Katrina studied life sciences in college, and actually started her career in consulting and data management.
- Soon, she realized the power of marketing and how it can create demand.
- Katrina started to make her transition to marketing while she was at Salesforce, and took inspiration from Marc Benioff.

Katrina's Role at Hired - (5:00)
- Hired is a two-sided job platform. Katrina controls both B2B and B2C marketing at Hired.
- Part of Hired's mission is to advocate for candidates.
- It's important to invest in one side of the marketplace, and that will naturally drive demand on the other side.
- One of Hired's differentiators is to use data to make things like salary more transparent.

Convergence of B2B & B2C (10:30)
- B2B solutions shouldn't be any less "delightful" than B2C solutions.
- "We're humans first, and we've gotten picky." - Katrina Wong
- Katrina prefers B2H (Business to Human) over the terms B2B and B2C. She wants to create a reminder that everyone, whether in a business or consumer context, is a human. All her campaigns at Hired are now fully integrated.

Account-Based Marketing - (16:00)
- "There are two funnels that matter: The revenue funnel and the people funnel." - Katrina Wong
- Katrina focuses on targeting an entire team, not just HR and hiring managers.
- Katrina tries to use performance language. Good things come when you are using the same language as your cross-functional partners.
- "A big part of building a high-functioning team is building a culture of accountability, and performance language lends itself to that." - Katrina Wong
- People are more motivated when they know they're making an impact.
- Katrina makes sure that her people know how they're performing and have the numbers to indicate it.
- Battle rhythm is a concept that Katrina uses to make sure that her people stay sharp and know what to expect.
- In order for data and insights to be useful they have to be digestible by stakeholders outside of marketing.

Putting Together a Marketing Team - (24:00)
- Having a growth mindset is important.
- Always be learning, even if you're at the top of your game. Katrina always makes sure to be retrospective, so she can analyze what has worked and what hasn't.
- "You have to be really purposeful to find diverse talent." - Ian Faison
- There isn't just one path for great marketers. There is an entire movement around skill-based resumes, because it leaves everyone more satisfied.
- People care more about working for a company with an impact and a mission than they do about compensation.
- Most difficult skills to acquire in marketing? Being a data-driven marketer is table stakes. You have to be able to do it. Soft skills and EQ are the most difficult to find.
- Open position at Hired: Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

Pardot Lightning Round - (38:30)
- Most fun app on your phone: Blinkist
- Campaign you're envious of: New Relic campaign
- Favorite Musician: Lady Gaga
- Favorite Recent Podcast: Gen X Amplified
- Thing you're excited about for the future of Marketing? Conversions. It allows B2B marketers to be even more creative.
- Best advice for first time head of marketing: Getting to your goals can sometimes take so much out of you and your team, but think about building cross-functional relationships.
- What Katrina does for fun: Snowboarding.

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