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Amazon is becoming an ever-larger part of the distribution and marketing strategies for more and more brands. So how can brands optimize their presence on this e-commerce giant? To find out, we talked to Kiri Masters (LinkedIn l Twitter), founder of Bobsled Marketing, a digital agency committed to helping brands of all sizes grow and protect their Amazon marketplace channels.

On this episode of Marketing Trends, Kiri talks all things Amazon. She shares which brands should and shouldn’t be selling through Amazon, what the latest update and trends are with the platform, how to think about developing an effective Amazon strategy, and much more.

3 Key Takeaways:

– To successfully scale on Amazon, you must have a team approach to it, not just a single Amazon pro.

– Brands need to take a realistic look at whether their product has strong enough customer relationships to warrant a direct-to-consumer approach or whether they should consider distribution on Amazon.

– Amazon isn’t just a distribution platform, it’s also a search-engine where consumers go to look for physical products.


Kiri Masters is the Founder & CEO of Bobsled Marketing, a digital agency founded in early 2015 to help consumer product brands grow and protect their Amazon marketplace channels. After a successful career as a commercial banker at JPMorgan Chase, Kiri launched her first e-commerce business on Amazon. Recognizing the enormous potential of the channel, it wasn’t long until Kiri decided to build a team of true Amazon experts and provide a platform for brands that were looking to grow.  Today she is the author of The Amazon Expansion Plan and a contributor on where she writes about Amazon from a brand’s perspective.

Quotes from Kiri:

– “If you’re selling a product for $100 they’ll take 15% as a commission. And then there are fulfillment phases on top of that if you’re using their network. So that is considerable, but also considered the fact that you don’t, unlike through your own e-com site, you’re not paying credit card processing fees or dealing with chargebacks necessarily. “

– “When you have a relationship with a company, you’ll be more apt to go back and continue that relationship directly.”

– “There are brands that don’t have a really defensible product. I think that they are kidding themselves when they say customers don’t want to buy their product on Amazon.”





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