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Marketing operations is often seen as unimportant backroom work. But what if it was actually the key to unlocking alignment and growth? It certainly can be, according to Kurt Stoll (LinkedIn | Twitter) Director of Marketing Automation at 3D Systems.

On this episode of Marketing Trends, Kurt joins Ian Faison and Lauren Vaccarello to discuss how to align revenue operations, how this can lead to higher retention and faster growth, the role of marketing automation, and how Kurt handles the unique challenges of marketing in the 3D printing industry.

Working in 3D Systems - (3:30)
- Kurt was first introduced to marketing as part of an undergraduate internship at Southwest Airlines.
- After gaining experience at BMC Software, HP Enterprise, and Symantec, Kurt is now Director of Marketing Automation and Web Operations at 3D Systems, a leading provider of 3D printing services.
- 3D Systems works with customers across sectors, including Align Technologies and NASA, to create products from Invisalign teeth aligners to parts for the Mars Rover.
- "Over time, we are finding where there's solid practical business application that also lets you build in the great creativity that people have." - Kurt Stoll
- Mentioned by Kurt: Derby the dog

Identifying Market Opportunities - (10:30)
- "It's marketing's responsibility to find the applicable markets. Where can we get traction, provide a winning solution, and be competitive?" - Kurt Stoll
- For 3D Systems, the broad applicability of their product creates a challenge.
- "When you are appropriate for every industry and every use case, it's actually a lot harder because everyone can use the product in a completely unique way, which makes it one of the hardest problems to solve." - Lauren Vaccarello
- Revenue operations ties the customer life cycle together, from demand gen to deal closing.

Aligning Revenue Operations - (13:15)
- At HP and Symantec, Kurt's team used an integrated marketing and sales funnel guide to create alignment.
- The guide defined each stage of the process, from automation qualified leads (AQLs) to tele-qualified generated leads (TGLs) to sales accepted leads (SALs) and each stage in between.
- "All these things together are an MQL. The MQL oversimplified the process." - Kurt Stoll
- Kurt mentions some of his key takeaways from SiriusDecisions, regarding reporting and analytics, as they relate to revenue operations, and the rise of Chief Revenue Officers.
- "Reporting and analytics [can] unite the insights across your entire revenue engine." - Kurt Stoll
- "Revenue operations needs to be the glue between sales and marketing." - Ian Faison

Pardot Lightning Round - (32:00)
- Current favorite app: Bird
- Favorite vacation spot: Napa Valley
- Favorite pastime: Grilling
- Advice for a future rev ops professional: Always be learning. Constantly survey the landscape, learn about what's going on, and test it. Get your hands dirty and find out what works.
- Most excited about for the future of marketing: The ability to personalize experiences for wherever an individual is in their buyer's journey.

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