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"Marketing is not fluff." Or at least it shouldn't be, according to Laura Luckman Kelber (LinkedIn | Twitter), SVP of Marketing at Flexera. According to her, not enough marketers focus on how to make themselves useful to the people they are trying to reach.

On this episode Laura discusses how to be more useful as a marketer, as well as the power of aligning your entire organization around marketing, why good technology is essential for creating good work, how to rebrand a unicorn, and much more.

5 Key Takeaways:
- Marketing needs to be a lot of things. Most importantly it needs to be thoughtful and useful. It needs to share something consumers can learn from.
- Failure happens when product, distribution, and pricing aren't aligned and communicated clearly.
- Marketing needs to meet prospective customers where they are already at and speak to the pain points they're feeling at that moment.
- At the same time, you need to stay ahead of what your customers are looking for. This means thinking about the future and what your customers will want down the road.
- Over-communicate and never take for granted that your brand and your message are already known.

Laura Luckman Kelber is the CMO of Flexera. Laura is a creative and collaborative executive with extensive expertise in building and leading high-functioning teams. Laura excels at creating strategic plans, articulating vision and ensuring flawless implementation to transform businesses. Laura enjoys unravelling complex problems and connecting dots in unexpected ways to accelerate growth.

Laura developed her unique approach through executive positions at a number of Chicago advertising agencies. Most recently she was EVP and Managing Director for Strategy at Merge. She has served as Chief Strategy Officer, Strategy Director and Client Service Director, applying her inspiring leadership and vision to B2B and B2C clients in a wide range of industries. Laura has a BS in Political Science and an MBA from the University of Illinois.

Notes & Quotes:

How Laura Got Into Marketing - (02:30)
- Laura started her career going to law school, but soon realized it wasn't for her.
- She found out event planning was a job, although it wasn't as fast-paced as she would have liked.
- She went on to get her MBA and this where she fell in love with marketing and was drawn to the "creativity and thoughtfulness around it."

Flexera - (04:00)
- "Flexera's culture is collaborative, creative, fast-moving. There are a lot, it attracts a lot of lifelong learners and curious people." - Laura Luckman Kelber
- Flexera has grown very quickly with some "not-so-sexy technology that works," according to Laura.
- "We offer the fundamentals of what makes a business run today, which is technology. And so if your technology looks like your junk drawer in your house, you're in trouble. So we help untangle that and make it work better for your business." - Laura Luckman Kelber

Marketing Responsibilities - (9:00)
- Marketing needs to be thoughtful, useful, and fundamental.
- "You need to understand where your customer is and meet them where they're at." - Laura Luckman Kelber
- It needs to share something additive or something consumers can learn from.
- "You need to be thinking about your product, you need to be thinking about your distribution, you need to be thinking about your pricing, all of those things are marketing and if they don't align and represent themselves effectively and accurately in your promotions or your communication, you're going to fail." - Laura Luckman Kelber

Rebranding A Technology Unicorn - (15:00)
- "If you are not, as an organization, not just marketing, if you are not aligning to your customer with every step of what you do, you are going to get eaten by someone who is." - Laura Luckman Kelber
- Stay ahead by offering your customers what they are looking for.
- "Making it a priority to talk to anyone and everyone you can about your mission is fundamental." - Laura Luckman Kelber
- This mission also needs to be written down and distributed.
- Don't assume you're already known: Internal workshops are important and when the prep work is done beforehand for brand awareness, it becomes a lot easier to externally convey it.

General Advice - (30:00)
- When Laura worked at a company called Translation, she had a production plan fail for State Farm, so her team had to act fast. She ended up getting doing the famous and funny "Can I get a hot tub?" campaign.
- "The more you can help your client get organized and focused and give you what you need, the better your experience will be. And the more money you'll make. The more business you'll get, the more you enable your client to enable you, the better that relationship will go." - Laura Luckman Kelber

Pardot Lightning Round - (37:00)
- Most fun app: Spotify
- Vacation spot: Any place where you can surf
- Favorite food: Indian food
- Reading right now: Brotopia by Emily Chang
- Most exciting thing for the future of marketing: Audio and smart speakers
- Best advice for first time head of marketing: Listen more, talk less

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