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As a marketing leader, getting to know your target market is crucial. Marketers who know and understand their customer-base are able to unlock exponential growth. So how can marketers get in sync with those they seek to reach? To find out, we talked to Marie Rosecrans (LinkedIn | Twitter), SVP of SMB Marketing at Salesforce.

On this episode of Marketing Trends, Marie also talked about how to build a great marketing team, her favorite ad campaigns, and much more.

3 Key Takeaways:
Surrounding yourself with a great team is one of the most important things you can do as a leader.
“You absolutely have to know who your customer is, in and out. Don’t bother with any marketing – don’t spend a penny – until you’ve done that.” – Marie Rosecrans
Consider showcasing your customers and promoting their successes. 

As senior vice president of SMB marketing at Salesforce, Marie Rosecrans focuses on empowering small and medium businesses with the tools and resources they need to grow. Before joining Salesforce in 2008, she held positions in customer support, professional services, product marketing, and program management at Oracle, Peoplesoft, Evolve, and Primavera. Marie lives in the San Francisco Bay area and enjoys hiking and traveling with her husband and family.

Notes & Quotes:
How Marie Got Into Marketing – (1:20)

– “I am what you would call an accidental marketer.” – Marie Rosecrans
– Marie was a political science major, and she had aspirations to work on political campaigns and in congress.
– Marie was working for a company that experienced a series of layoffs and needed her to take on some product marketing responsibilities.
– “I don’t know if I ever dreamt of having a career in any one specific thing. I have always been an individual that has been hyper-focused on learning and trying different things. And so as evidenced by my career, marketing is one of the many things that I’ve had the good fortune of being able to do.” – Marie Rosecrans

Insights From Working with SMB’s (10:20)

– “As a small business marketing team, we are hyper-focused on making sure that small businesses know that we have the tools and the resources that can help power their growth and help them run their businesses.” – Marie Rosecrans
– “One of the things that I find most rewarding about working with small businesses is seeing how they’ve built their communities around their products and services, just like we have built trailblazer communities around our products.” – Marie Rosecrans

Next Steps & Marie’s Hiring Philosophy – (21:10)

– “I never shortcut the interview process. I take the interview process very seriously. I am still the leader that will go through their resume, go onto their LinkedIn profile, do a few Google searches, and actually do my homework.” – Maries Rosecrans
– Marie believes that hiring is the most important thing you can do as a leader.
– “I am absolutely committed to bringing people into the organization that are far smarter than me, far better at their jobs than I can ever be. But, I also want these people to be open to trying new things and being utility players.” – Marie Rosecrans

Marie’s Favorite Campaign – (24:50)

– The campaign is called “The Path to Your Best Business Campaign.”
– “I’m so proud of this campaign because we really featured the customers in their environment, focused on the business challenges and how we were helping them address it in their own words. And that’s what I am so proud of with this campaign. Not only is it beautifully shot and beautifully scripted, but the fact that the customers have really connected with the campaign and the feedback that we’re getting from it, I couldn’t ask for anything more.” – Marie Rosecrans
– “You absolutely have to know who your customer is in and out. Don’t bother with any marketing – don’t spend a penny – until you’ve done that.” – Marie Rosecrans

Pardot Lightning Round – (42:30)

– Hidden talent or passion: Dancing like nobody is watching.
– Favorite band or artist: Post Malone
– Favorite vacation spot: Barcelona
– Book or podcast that’s enjoyable: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
– Best advice for a first-time head of marketing: “You have to be prepared for anything. Be on top of your game. Know your data.”


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