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Today’s episode features an interview with Jud Mackrill (LinkedIn | Twitter), CMO of the Carson Group. On this episode, Jud talks about marketing in the financial services industry, how theology school prepared him for a career in marketing is best CMO advice and much more.

3 Key Takeaways:

There is an emerging frontier of marketing that combines technology with human connection

-Never forget the human in the middle of your business interactions

-Doing brand transformations is one of the most meaningful parts of being a marketer

Key Quotes

“Healthy organizations have defined the role of an integrator as the person who is really making sure that everything happens well. And then there is the visionary who is out there thinking and dreaming and helping to install a vision that will come back inside the organization.”

 “We need to be willing to marry technology with interaction, but also have a bias toward being willing to spend the maximum amount of time we need to. Because at the end of the day, in my industry in particular, which is something I love about it, it’s a trust industry — we’re asking families to trust me. We have over 26,000 families that we get the honor to serve every day. We’re asking them to trust us that we’re going to do what’s in their best interests and we’re going to do the work.”

“A core marketing philosophy is that people are people are people. Everything has to be about individuals and we have to take the time and humanize every interaction because they’re all unique.”

“As much as good marketers can start to think about themselves just as a salesperson with a different skill set, that’s where the magic happens.”


Jud Mackrill is the Chief Marketing Officer for the Carson Group. His journey to marketing was a unique one, which started playing in garage bands, turned to studying theology in college, and eventually lead to the founding of his own company, Mackrill Media. 

Eventually, Jud found his way to Orion Advisor Services, where he spent more than 11 years before becoming the CEO of Mineral Interactive, which was acquired by Carson in 2018. He currently enjoys the role of CMO while living in Omaha, Nebraska, and he “is passionate about building digital strategies and powerful tools to enhance the lives of advisors to effectively grow their firms.”



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