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With over 30+ years of marketing experience and plenty of stories to go around, we were so excited to welcome back Michael Mendenhall (LinkedIn), Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, TriNet for another episode on Marketing Trends! In case you missed it, here’s our first episode with Michael. On this episode with Michael, we dig deeper into Michael’s story bank and talk all things asset synergy, longer/shorter-term content, and much more!

3 Key Takeaways:

– The synergy of company assets should be leveraged in your marketing.  

– Think about the larger narrative when creating shorter-term narratives with the marketing campaigns that are being created.  

–  Content shouldn’t be clutter for consumers, be mindful and succinct in your content.

Key Quotes

– “The first X Games, I was very involved in and thought about, how are we going to position this, how are we going to go to market this, and how do I leverage the assets of the company to make this a success? So there was a lot of work that I did in sports relative to that.”

– “No matter what we did, what was always front of mind at Disney was, ‘what is the story, what are we communicating,’ and whether it was short-form or long-form, it was really about that piece, the narrative piece that became really important.” 

– “There’s this synergy piece, which becomes really important as we think about how we’re leveraging the assets of the company to build an enormous franchise that has great value and longevity.” 

– “These companies, who are our customers, are doing these amazing things. Our success at this point is based on their success. So the more they’re successful, the more we’re successful. If they grow, we grow. That relationship is very important to us.”


Michael Mendenhall joined TriNet in March 2018 as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer/Chief Communications Officer. He leads all marketing and communications functions, including messaging, branding, advertising, demand generation, product marketing, and corporate communications.

Michael is a marketing and technology veteran with extensive leadership experience. Prior to TriNet, he most recently served as IBM’s Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Communications Officer for IBM Watson and IBM Cloud, leading all marketing and communications strategies for both business areas.

Prior to IBM, Michael was the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Communications Officer at Flex. Michael also served the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at, where he helped transform its brand positioning and product alignment prior to its acquisition by SanDisk. Before Fusion-io, Michael served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Hewlett-Packard and spent 17 years at the Walt Disney Company, where he rose to President of Marketing and Synergy for Walt Disney Studios and Executive Vice President of Global Marketing for Disney Parks and Resorts.

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