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In January, Simon Harrison accepted his new role as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Avaya. Now, a few months into the new position, the world needs his company more than ever. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Simon sits down to discuss how Avaya is changing the way we experience and interact with our devices, how his company is helping others make decisions more efficiently, and why simply delighting a customer is never the path you want to pursue.

3 Takeaways:

– The omni-channel experience isn’t doing enough to solve the problems of today. Multi-experience – which uses all the ways people interact – is where Avaya is focusing their energy.
– Aim for an effortless experience rather than just a delightful one .
– In tough times, you need to empower people and remove hierarchical processes so that you can move faster.

Key Quotes:

“I realized when it came to Avaya, it was probably doing the best job of being the best-kept secret in the business.”

“I’m so passionate about marketing. I really have found it fascinating that people can have almost perfect solutions, but can set a certain revenue rate for far too long because they just don’t market it well enough. The perception of the company is all about how our marketing is doing its job.”

“Does omni-channel cover it? Does it do enough to support voice and digital channel engagements? My perspective is it actually doesn’t.”

“I’m obsessed when it comes to the products. In fact, in most things I’ll always do the ‘what’s-in-it-for-me?’ test and the, ‘so-what?’ test.”

“Effortless is key. And effortless is not this mythical thing. You can do it in really quite tactical ways. If you offer less choices, it becomes effortless. More consistency, that becomes effortless.”

Named Senior Vice President and CMO at Avaya in January, Simon Harrison leads all of Avaya’s global marketing function to engage new and existing customers and partners, drive adoption of the company’s software solutions and supports Avaya as the leading player in a dynamic digital communications market.

In a career spanning over 25 years, Harrison has been a thought leader, product strategist, marketer and consultant in the communications solutions industry. Prior to Gartner, he held leadership roles in Marketing, Sales, Product Marketing and Product Management for companies like Cirrus, Vocalcom, Siebel Systems and others.

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