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Millennials. The word comes with some strong connotations. But what do millennials actually believe? And how can marketers target them more effectively? To find out, we talked to Nadia Masri (LinkedIn | Twitter). Nadia is the Founder and CEO of Perksy, a consumer insights platform that powers real-time research with millennial and Gen Z audiences through a mobile app.

On this episode, Nadia walks us through her insights on younger consumers, the changing demographic landscape, and how to more effectively engage a target audience.

5 Key Takeaways:
- Marketing is the most successful when it is both strategically focused and uniquely creative.
- Human behavior is mostly consistent across geographies and demographics. Engagement and entertainment are great focal points.
- Being able to validate concepts with data quickly can be extremely valuable for brands.
- The generalization that millennials are not loyal to brands is a myth. Millennials want to identify with brands.
- "You really have to sit down and think about strategy, but you can also get really creative with strategy. This is when marketing is the most successful." - Nadia Masri

Bio: Nadia Masri is a 4-time founder, Forbes 30 Under 30 headliner, and the CEO & Founder of Perksy - a next-gen market intelligence platform that conducts real-time research with Millennial & Gen-Z audiences through mobile. With a fresh take on understanding the habits, behaviors, and preferences of Gen Y & Z consumers, Nadia is redefining market research for the mobile generation by making feedback the favorite form of engagement.

Notes & Quotes:
Nadia's Background and Marketing at Perksy - (2:00)
- Nadia started her first company, while in college, at age 17.
- She enjoyed marketing because she found it to be both creative and intellectual.
- "You really have to sit down and think about strategy, but you can also get really creative with strategy. This is when marketing is the most successful." - Nadia Masri
- At Perksy, Nadia wanted to reframe customer feedback and make it something fun, simple, and rewarding.
- "The most common piece of feedback we hear from our audience is that it doesn't feel like a survey. It's almost like a game. That's the experience that really sets us a part." - Nadia Masri

What We All Have In Common - (10:00)
- "Human psychology is all the same. We all like to be engaged. We all like to have a good experience. We get dopamine hits the same way." - Nadia Masri
- "If you provide a really good experience, people will stay." - Nadia Masri
- Nadia believes that building for inherently human responses is the way to build products that last for generations.
- "We all want to be heard. We all want to be entertained." - Nadia Masri

Strategies at Perksy - (21:00)
- "What your audience wants today may not be what your audience wants tomorrow." - Nadia Masri
- Rather than focusing on traditional demographics, behavioral targeting and hyperlocal marketing are very important at Perksy.
- Influencers are common in social media marketing, and Nadia agrees they can be impactful, but ROI can be difficult to measure.
- "If you're just trying to sell something quickly [with influencers], sure. But building longterm marketing strategies and thinking about brand equity with your audience creates longevity in brand building." - Nadia Masri
- "Timeliness is really important. Being able to validate concepts really quickly to understand not just who's interested and why, but how long are they going to be interested for is really important for brands to understand." - Nadia Masri

The Changing Consumer Landscape - (36:30)
- Mentioned by Nadia: Gillette's The Best Men Can Be ad
- Mass media reported that people were responding poorly to the Gillette ad, but Perksy was able to confirm P&G's internal research that audiences from 18-34 really liked the ad, and could elaborate on why that was.
- "The consumer landscape is dramatically changing. It's becoming democratized. Now more than ever, consumers have the right to decide if they want to be marketed to." - Nadia Masri
- There is a common myth that millennials are not loyal to brands, but Nadia does not think this is the case at all.
- "I'm making a generalization, but if I had to compare the two groups, I would say that millennials are more brand loyal than baby boomers are. Millennials want to identify with the brand, and are not looking exclusively for utility." - Nadia Masri

Pardot Lightning Round - (52:00)
- Favorite app: Paste
- Favorite vacation spot: South of France
- Favorite ad campaigns seen recently: Glossier and Dosist
- Book most looking forward to read: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker
- How would you spend all your time if you didn't have to work? Exploring the world and all of its wonders.

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