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Nate Skinner (Twitter: @renniksn) is the Vice President of Product Marketing for Salesforce B2B Marketing. In this episode, he joined Ian and Lauren to discuss how to create memorable marketing experiences. They also discussed how this relates to technologies like artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and augmented reality.

How Nate Got Started in Marketing - (1:30)
- Why Nate chose a company rather than a role when he started in marketing.
- "You shouldn't worry about your competitors, but you should pay attention to them."
- "The moment you think your customers are tired of your message is probably when it finally starts working."

Creating Memorable Experiences - (8:00)
- Nate's formula for identifying the problem and the solution at the heart of a message.
- "If I don't know what you do after looking at your website for 5 seconds, you're doing it wrong."
- Why controversy is an essential element of greatness when it comes to advertising.
- Why you should think through the ideal outcome from your customer's point of view.
- Why you don't need feature comparison grids.

Building Deep Relationships with Customers - (18:35)
- How you can use a "spa day" to create an experience that a customer will never forget.
- How Nate uses technologies like artificial intelligence and ABM to connect every point of the customer journey.
- How augmented reality could potentially fit into these experiences.

Turning Disaster into Triumph - (33:50)
- In 2011, Nate was helping his CEO give a keynote at a large corporate event. A competitor managed to get the keynote cancelled the night before. How Nate and Lauren helped turn it into an even bigger success than originally planned.
- Why it is often better to ask forgiveness rather than permission.
- Why premeditated protest is usually a bad idea.

Lightning Round - (45:00)
- Nate's favorite founder story, app, book, ad, and why he's excited for the future of marketing.
- "Just because everything is measurable doesn't mean you should measure everything."

- Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets
- Carvana
- The Hard Thing About Hard Things
- Google Tasks
- Distribution by Ben Horowitz
- Nike Kaepernick ad
- Gillette ad

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